Tony DeBlois, Musician

I'm never nervous onstage; I just feel really joyful and great.

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When his fingers start to move across the keyboard, a listener would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the piano on the Stewart CD and what DeBlois is playing.
Fred Hanson
Tony DeBlois was born blind, mentally retarded, and autistic, but he was also born a jazz savant. Today, he plays 20 instruments, knows 8,000 songs, and is forging a career in the music industry.
Jack Thomas
Besides piano, Tony enjoys playing the organ, harmonica, guitar, harpsichord, English handbells, violin, banjo, drums, and trumpet and is now learning saxophone, clarinet, ukulele, mandolin and flute.
Janice DeBlois
Tony is autistic and blind with striking musical ability, which, while including spectacular jazz ability, extends to many other musical styles ranging from country to classic. He plays fourteen musical instruments, twelve of them proficiently.
Darold Treffert

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