William James Sidis, Polymath

The promotion of the individual rights of the people of America necessarily involves resistance to war in any form, as war inevitably must destroy those rights and clamp additional governmental rule down upon the people... only those who resist war to the utmost, and with their last breath and last ounce of energy, can be considered as truly fighting to save this country for democracy.

William James Sidis

When I think of America again,
Of what it could be, or was meant to be,
I shall see Sidis, with the light upon
His face, the light of genius, that made him more
An angel than a man. He was no failure.
You could roll Harvard, its professors and
Its learning into one. He could have taught
That one. The proof? Not one in Harvard knew
Enough to honor him...

Mrs. Nathan Sharman, Lament for Bill Sidis (1944)

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In 1925 he published The Animate and the Inanimate, advancing the theory of black holes 15 years before physicists and astronomers warmed to it.
Primus IV
Very few of intellectual history's great minds have arrived at greatness without active encouragement and even some pushing. But it is the height of arrogance to believe that we can produce genius to order.
Dave Slater
The explanation for the Sidis tragedy is simple. Sidis was a feral child; a true man born into a world filled with animals--a world filled with us.
Grady Towers
...in which week-days can be found directly for any given date whatever; and its object is, first, to provide a means by which all such week-days can be looked up in a direct, simple and easily understandable.
William James Sidis
Contains anything you ever wanted to read by and about William James Sidis, including full-length transcripts of books, letters, family memorabilia, etc.
Dan Mahony

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