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Featuring "Truth Come": Shining the Light of Truth upon the darkness that is Medi-Sin, the pharmaceutical False Saviour of Beastly governments spread by False Prophets of Christianity........
Rebecca Carley, Peter Kawaja
When such forces propagate AIDS conspiracy theories among African Americans, one result is to divert people from the grassroots mobilization around prevention and education that could foster greater cohesion, initiative, and strength within the black community. At the same time, the right fans the flames of homophobia which combines with the problem of racism within the predominately white gay and lesbian movement to undermine a potentially powerful alliance of the communities most devastated by government negligence and inaction on AIDS.
David Gilbert
Vaccination status WILL BE an INTEGRAL part of the medical data stored on the electronic national ID card, linked to obtaining a driver's license. Without the card or proof of receipt of federally recommended vaccines listed on the card, a citizen will not be able to function in US society, including being able to get a passport, health insurance, enter a hospital or ride on a train or airplane. Those who are genetically vulnerable to reacting to vaccines, will have to choose between risking vaccine injury or death and being able to drive or be treated in a hospital emergency room.
Peter Kawaja
Organized international efforts to scare the living tar out of parents of small children have just been dealt a stunning setback with the retraction of an influential but fraudulent article in a major medical journal. To the extent the retraction is publicized, it should prevent sickness and possible death in kids and help shove anti-vaccination groups back into the conspiracy theory cesspool from whence they arose.
Michael Fumento, Scripps Howard
And on top of all the devastations aspartame addicts our children. Methanol is classified as a narcotic. The chronic methanol toxicity affects the dopamine system of the brain and causes the addiction. Dr. Roberts has a report on it on and its discussed in the medical text. Aspartame triggers ADD, ADHD, autism and all sorts of birth defects. Our children are medicated instead of educated.
Betty Martini
What threatens is the possibility that pharmaceutical industry originated afflictions, such as autism, produced as a result of 'prevention' in medicine, are symptomatic of a deeper degeneracy within the industry itself
Leonard Horowitz
The stubborn persistence of the MMR myth implies a belief that the medical profession is riddled with corruption and that doctors in many different countries have conspired in the forced administration of a vaccine which is dangerous. Organising a conspiracy of such proportion seems mind-boggling, especially since the precise purpose of doing so is unclear.
Gerald DeGroot
Economic pressures and the desire to profit from the opportunity to create immunity, silenced all pleas for caution. Mercury was used in injections with gay abandon. As an epidemic of autism became apparent, the vaccines were sent off to a third estate of man and China now has 1.8 million children with autism. Sooner or later this well-kept secret will become common knowledge and then revenge against the West in the form of run away terrorism, will be upon us.
Edward Hamlyn
At least half the members of vaccine committees at both the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the CDC had financial ties to drug companies that are developing different versions of the Rotavirus vaccine.
Considering the objections raised by members of the U.S. military, who last year were ordered to undergo anthrax inoculations coupled with the prospect of public panic, it has been theorized that the government is attempting to covertly immunize the general population... Could this covert program be the genesis of the Nile Flu and other respiratory outbreaks that reportedly are resisting normal treatment? And what is the program's true purpose? It seems clear that if this toxic stew of pathogens is intended as an immunization, the cure might be worse than the cause.
The antidote to conspiracism is Power Structure Research based on some form of institutional, systemic or structural analysis that examines race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, class and other factors that are used to create inequality and oppression.
The conspiracist blames societal or individual problems on what turns out to be a demonized scapegoat. Conspiracism is a narrative form of scapegoating that portrays an enemy as part of a vast insidious plot against the common good. Conspiracism assigns tiny cabals of evildoers a superhuman power to control events, frames social conflict as part of a transcendent struggle between Good and Evil, and makes leaps of logic, such as guilt by association, in analyzing evidence.
Chip Berlet
As for conspiracy proper, it is and probably will remain the hidden link between mystery and solution, between cause and effect. It offers a world with neither accidents nor unintended consequences, but rather of plans executed by the powerful few at the expense of the victimized multitude. Identify with that multitude, and the central mystery of fate is unraveled. Otherwise, you have to take your chances. No wonder conspiracy's spell is so beguiling.
Charles Paul Freund
The Hearing Committee, pursuant to the Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law set forth above, unanimously determines that the Respondent's license to practice medicine in the State of New York should be suspended for a period of five years.
New York State Department of Health, State Board for Professional Medical Conduct
Indeed, the New World Order envisioned by the select rulers about whom Roosevelt spoke is not new, nor orderly. Managed chaos, along with the current and coming plagues, including AIDS, autism, and other vaccination results, is merely symptomatic of a deeper political burden.
Leonard Horowitz
Another discussion of the vaccines from an anti-Semitic conspiracist perspective.
An exceptionally rabid holocaust denial site.
Father's Party / Christian Manifesto
The "Bird Flu" HOAX is only one part of an enormous plan to allow a select few to Rule the World and enslave or annihilate the rest! This is HOW One Wicked Nation, the United States of America, Can Kill Billions Around the World - - - With One Lie!
Lorraine Day, M.D.
I see a conspiracy to deny that autistic adults have an opinion in this and other matters of autism. Some and a growing number of autistic adults are sick of hearing that autism is an "epidemic", a "disaster", a "catastrophe" even. They think there is a conspiracy to create the appearance of an autism epidemic. The numbers that are quoted frequently to support the "epidemic", the IDEA derived numbers, are misrepresented. There is an explanation for why it "looks like" there has been an increase in autism. It has to do with the way the numbers are being recorded. But very few people talk about that.
Camille Clark
Alex Jones
In which the webmaster provides an excerpt from the anti-Semitic forgery Protocols of the Elders of Zion to support his contention that vaccination programs are part of a Jewish conspiracy.
If the CDC does not now establish that (Vaccine Induced Disease) syndrome exists, they will be charged with racketeering and fraud under the Federal Rico standards, and their collusion and conspiracy with the Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers and the Department of "Health" to experiment on US citizens under Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520 & 1524 will be exposed
Rebecca Carley
A conspiracy in general is a secret project, designed to deceive or mislead, and much worse. It's that simple. A good theory, as Albert Einstein once told us, is an explanation that has been pieced together from painstakingly gathered evidence. Einstein said no good theory can spring from a mere opinion or event, because a good theory must explain as much as possible. Is it odd that everybody has an idea based on much experience [THEORY] that we are being constantly lied to [CONSPIRACY]?
Antonio Hernandez
The Respondent has both delusions of persecution and delusions of grandiosity, i.e., the Respondent believes that she is being persecuted because she has a special ability to heal autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, cancer and other autoimmune disorders...
Stephen Barrett
The CDC, for its part, is likely to be accused of adding conspiracy to confusion through its latest Physician Survey Study on vaccines and adverse reactions. In the only question relating to concerns over specific individual vaccines and autism, no box has been provided for MMR.
Carol Stott, Mark Blaxill, Andrew Wakefield,
The idea that there is a widespread conspiracy as Dr. Boyd Haley, who is also associated with the group, displays a fine example of rule 2 of the Woo-Woo Credo. "Always favor the conspiracy angle over the boring angle. Mundane explanations (like saying that Roswell was a balloon) are for dullards and government drones. If you want to sleep with that curvaceous new-age chick, don't tell her you think astrology is bogus! (Non woo-woos may benefit from that advice temporarily)."
"Explains how the ruthless Rockefeller Syndicate - under the control of the world financial structure, chiefly the Rothschilds - plays the major political, health and educational roles in America."
Eustace Mullins
Of these four items, which might well be termed the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, because they too are known to bring death and destruction in their wake, the most pernicious in its long-term effects may well be the practice of immunization. This practice goes directly against the discovery of modern holistic medical experts that the body has a natural immune defense against illness. (This site contains anti-Semitic material.)
Eustace Mullins
According to medical evidence, vaccinations save lives worldwide by the hundreds of thousands.The conspiracy theory angers physicians because it implies that a doctor would deliberately give children something that would harm them, end their life or cripple them. Healthcare workers are here to help not hinder life. Therefore, the responsibility for the deaths of children who die as a result of not being vaccinated rests on the shoulders of people who spread stories that create fear and mistrust.
Walter Larimore
Miss Sinason's claims are so implausible that they are unlikely to win much of an audience this time. The real cause for concern is the influence on our thinking about a range of social problems: chronic fatigue, cot death, post-battlefield stress, autism. In each case, it is more emotionally satisfying to identify a single cause - an undiscovered virus, chemical warfare, the MMR jab - than to accept that nasty things happen randomly, or are produced by a mixture of causes.
Damian Thompson
The World Health Organization warned travelers to northern Nigeria yesterday to get polio vaccine boosters because of "uncontrolled transmission of polio virus" in the region. The announcement comes as the region enters the season when polio transmission increases, typically rising five- to tenfold. There has been little or no polio immunization in Nigeria's northern states for more than a year because of rumors that the vaccine is a tool in a global plot to sterilize Muslims.
David Brown
The initial symptoms of post-vaccination encephalitis may be minimal, but this does not prevent other effects from manifesting later on, or mean that minimal brain damage has not occurred. (WARNING: This website contains anti-Semitic material.)
Leading Edge International Research Group
(T)he entire American power structure -- the president and his appointees, the vast majority of judges and prosecutors and police, the Congress and federal regulators --are all not to be trusted because they have all -- and you can quibble with the percentage, but it's disgustingly high -- proven themselves to be untrustworthy by their previous lies, or cynical votes in legislatures after receiving bribes that are devious and hard to trace. Imagine, almost all of them voted immunity for a drug company that makes a vaccine that ruins the lives of thousands of children with autism.
John Kaminski, World Newsstand
Contains many allegations of a government / industrial conspiracy to conceal the negative consequences of vaccines.
"Having your national research agenda run by crazy people is not the best thing," says Dr. Patricia Rodier, an autism researcher at the University of Rochester. "The tragedy is that we're spending money that could help us find the real causes of autism."
Arthur Allen,
Some, and a growing number of parents with family autism see all this as a dark conspiracy by public health officials, pharmaceutical companies, and politicians to cover up their own negligence and duplicity for creating and sustaining a horrendous autism epidemic in the name of the public good. Still many, if not most such parents do not share this view, it should be noted.
Lenny Schafer
If those in power in this country were faced with a choice between the health of our children and $30 billion dollars, which would they choose? Or, to put it another way, if they suddenly found out to their satisfaction and beyond all doubt that vaccinations were not only ineffective, but were actually the cause of much disease and death, hypothetical situation, would they tell us?
Tim O’Shea
Horowitz, 48, charges that elements of the United States government are conspiring with major pharmaceutical companies to make large segments of the population sick. More than that, he charges that these same conspirators created the AIDS epidemic to kill Blacks, Hispanics and gays. And if that's not enough, Horowitz argues that Adolph Hitler created the New World Order to fulfill his twisted dream of world domination.
Jim Redden
Others see a link between vaccinations and satanic rituals or witchcraft, where animals are sacrificed and their organs brewed in a hellish concoction of horrid substances: voodoo medicine by 21st century mad scientists. Sadly, our children are their unwilling subjects as society is slowly devoured by their insatiable appetite for human experimentation.
ThinkTwice Global Vaccine Institute
In the above you will find an expose which shows the inherent vulnerability of reputable peer reviewed journals to manipulation by commercial and private interests and why it is now dangerous to trust them generally. It is a piece of research and documentation that is astounding. How much more of this skullduggery is going on in other areas, or did these guys just invent this conspiracy on their own and without a prior example or corporate coaching?
Chris Gupta
I also know that the bureaucrats at the IOM, FDA and CDC also are even more disturbed by the MAD Child disease moniker as it directly calls attention to the nature of the damage their agencies inflicted on families of autistic children which, if they had been doing their jobs, would not have happened and would not have continued after being recognized. Instead, certain bureaucrats in these agencies worked hard to cover up this "government agency induced disease".
Boyd Haley
A major, politically contrived, famine is going on in Africa at this time. An unprecedented program to innoculate the masses is being forced upon America... Many in high government office in the US are now known to have been involved with the murder of Africa by the use of smallpox vaccines contaminated with the biowarfare virus (AIDS). This agent is known to have been developed here in the US. These same people, obsessed with the population problem of the world, also administered a contaminated Hepatitis B vaccine to the gay population of both New York and San Francisco.
Thomas Smith
So what is the attraction of conspiracism? For starters, as grand unifying theories of geopolitics go, it is simple to grasp. In ill-educated societies, that makes it appealing. It is also impossible to disprove, because any fact that does not fit the theory can be dismissed as a trick by the conspirators to throw ordinary folk off the scent.
The Economist
The big question to be asked: Why has the government ignored the need for research to answer these questions concerning thimerosal safety? You will recall, in the beginning, the participants of this conference complained that there were just so few studies or no studies concerning this "problem."
Russell Blaylock
Amy Worthington
"The focus of this site is upon the devilish concept of vaccination in general and bringing attention to certain issues that might otherwise be overlooked or not even considered. Hopefully after learning some of the facts about vaccine ingredients, vaccine manufacturing, and the history of vaccination, researchers will see nothing but perverseness, quackery, superstition, witchcraft, sorcery, Satanism, or whatever else one desires to call this crime against humanity other than godly, biblical, Christian medicine."
The use of viruses, bacteria and animal tissue cultures in mass immunization campaigns, considering that this information has been known for 20 years, constitutes an intentionally created hazard to humans. The global impact on the wide range of genotypes relative to human beings is difficult to assess, but the outcome is definitely negative, and permitting the seeding of latent proviruses in humans, knowingly, can have no other rationale other than future medical profiteering, and constitutes a criminal conspiracy of vast proportions which is tatamount to a genocidal policy against the population, further constituting crimes against humanity, which is internationally punishable by death.
To further warn against actions that might uncover this hideous plan, "In these sensitive relationships, however, it is important in style as well as substance to avoid the appearance of coercion." Where resistance is clearly present, other organizations, agencies...etc take part in establishing population initiatives. Another recommendation was the use of satellite communications for propaganda.
While "conspiracy" is a word and concept that is immediately shunned by mainstream press, Faith is privy first-hand to less-than-honest brokering behind the scenes... Instead of reporting the stories of the victims, who have volumes of documentation, the media reports the stories of the scientists who claim to have done studies that show no link between immunizations and autism.
Radiation has caused the geometric rise of cancers in the US-1 in 3 Americans-compared to 1 in 20 before the second World War. It is also responsible for the rise in autism, learning disabilities, chronic immune deficiency disorders (chronic fatigue syndrome, Epstein-Barr and so forth), higher rates of infant mortality and the general weakening of the public's health.
Stephanie Hiller, Coastal Post Online
The most vile of the vile are leading us to a conflict that will either assure freedom is re-established and protected for all time with evil destroyed or that the people who survive are satisfied to be treated as livestock by the Zionist/money changers that use ignorance and cowardice of officials in government to destroy all concept of individual and national sovereignty... Anytime the government precedes a statement or act with "for the good of the people" or the "good of the children" or anything similar, it is getting ready to lie and cover a hidden agenda(s). This is easily verified through the "war on crime", the "war against drugs", firearms laws as allegedly controlling criminals, and government approved chemicals in water, food, and vaccines.
Ed Lewis, World Newsstand
If there are important powerful groups of people that are determined to reduce the world population, what could be a more diabolically clever way to eliminate people than to inject them with a cancer-causing vaccine? The person receiving the injection would never suspect that the vaccine taken 10 to 15 years earlier had caused the cancer to appear.
James Howenstine
In an odd way, the conspiracy theorist's view is both frightening and reassuring. It is frightening because it magnifies the power of evil, leading in some cases to an outright dualism in which light and darkness struggle for cosmic supremacy. At the same time, however, it is reassuring, for it promises a world that is meaningful rather than arbitrary. Not only are events nonrandom, but the clear identification of evil gives the conspiracist a definable enemy against which to struggle, endowing life with purpose.
E.P. Wijnants

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