Higashi Schools for Autistic Children

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John and Karen Tedeman, whose son, Scott, attended the school for 14 years, allege in a civil lawsuit that behind closed doors, Higashi teachers used brutal techniques that resulted in years of unexplained bruises and abrasions.
Ellen Barry, Boston Globe
Our philosophy is based upon the tenets of Daily Life Therapy, providing children with systematic education through group dynamics, the intermingling of academics and technology, arts, music and physical education
The goal of this educational approach is for the children to develop as closely to normal physically, emotionally, intellectually and to achieve social independence and dignity.
Wendy Welch
Boston Higashi's success comes amid a number of complaints that the school's treatment practices have led to abuse. Since 1995, police and various Massachusetts agencies have received at least 17 abuse complaints against school staff.
Wall Street Journal
The school is a cohesive and well organised community. The philosophy of Daily Life Therapy remains integral to the schools approach and continues to inspire both the vision and direction of the school and its day to day operations.

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