Should the phrase "Mad Child Disease" be used to describe autism?
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On 10 October 2004, Dr. Donald W. Miller offered a response to this petition;
a reply is viewable here.
On October 11, 2004, Boyd E. Haley offered a response to this petition;
a reply is viewable here
On October 11, 2004, Boyd E. Haley offered a second response to this petition;
the reply to that response is viewable here

July 2005 UPDATE

No Excuse for Denigration: Letter to The Lexington Herald-Leader

Petition to Defend the Dignity of Autistic Citizens

We are proud parents of autistic children,
autistic citizens, and allies who seek to preserve the dignity of autistic citizens.

We have recently become aware of a presentation made by Dr. Boyd Haley, Chairman of the Chemistry Department at the University of Kentucky, at the June 2004 meeting of the political organization, Doctors for Disaster Preparedness. Drs. Michael A. Glueck and Robert Cihak, in an article published by on September 13, 2004, reported on Dr. Haley's presentation:

"The audience listened with enthralled attention to a talk about one mad cow from Canada, which caused an investigation costing millions of dollars, observed Dr. Boyd Haley at the July 2004 meeting of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness. But the major disaster, he said, is the one that is happening to our children. Psychiatrists call it attention deficit disorder, autism, autism spectrum disorder, or pervasive development disorder. He calls it mad child disease and thinks that its various forms represent different levels of mercury toxicity."

Dr. Donald Miller, Professor of Surgery at the University of Washington in Seattle, and a member of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, subsequently published on the Internet on 29 September 2004 an article entitled "Mercury on the Mind". In his article, Dr. Miller repeats Dr. Haley's reference to "Mad Child Disease":

"Much more research needs to be done on the neurotoxicity of mercury and excessive vaccination. Dr. Haley terms autism Mad Child Disease. Finding one cow in the U.S. with Mad Cow Disease, from Canada, prompted the Federal government to spent millions of dollars examining other cows to see if they had contracted it. With regard to Mad Child Disease, however, the government spends $59.00 in research for every case of autism diagnosed in this country."

We abhor Dr. Haley's coinage and use of the phrase "Mad Child Disease" to describe autism. It is offensive, dehumanizing, degrading and stigmatizing to describe autism in such a manner. The doctor's concerns about the neurotoxicity of mercury offer no excuse. Furthermore, we abhor Drs. Glueck, Cihak and Miller's perpetuation of this slur on autistic children in their reportage of Dr. Haley's speech. These writers have cited Dr. Haley's words with no reportorial acknowledgement of their offensiveness, and have used their academic and organizational affiliations to boost their credibility in the public eye. These descriptions remain available to a worldwide audience through their widespread dissemination on the Internet.

We refuse to listen silently as autistic children are described as "mad," and compared to diseased animals, by opportunistic speakers and journalists who seek to inflame public emotions at autistic citizens' expense in their eager pursuit of political agendas and research funding.

Derogatory descriptions of individuals targeted by their race, gender, religion, nation of origin, or disability have no place in civilized society. We urge citizens of all nations to protest this disgraceful offense against autistic citizens' dignity and humanity.


  1. Kathleen Seidel & David Seidel, Proprietors,
  2. Morton Ann Gernsbacher, Vilas Research Professor and Sir Frederic C. Bartlett Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  3. jypsy — janet norman-bain,
  4. Camille Clark, mother, autist, Davis, California,
  5. Trisha Gorrell Gauthier
  6. Gayle Fitzpatrick
  7. G.D., Wicklow, Ireland
  8. Michelle Dawson, Montreal, Canada, No Autistics Allowed
  9. Sally Rawlings. England
  10. Tanya Kellogg
  11. Vicki Denbow, mother of autistic daughter age 6, New Jersey
  12. Debby Wilde, Lancashire, England
  13. Theresa Worrall, mother of an autistic, age 6
  14. Coleen Reinhardt, mother of HFA son age 5, Pennsylvania
  15. Tina Klotz, mother of Alex, age 6
  16. Kimberly Chamirija Lamb
  17. Mark Probert, parent of a child with ADHD and a child with cerebral palsy
  18. Lili Finn, Republic of Ireland, mother of 10-year old son w/PDD-NOS and 20-month old autistic daughter
  19. Elaine C. Dasilva, mother of autistic son age 4, New York City
  20. Frances Bicknell, parent of an adult son with autism
  21. Sara Holden, England
  22. Jenifer Neffendorf, mother to autistic son age 6
  23. Parrish S. Knight, autistic advocate
  24. Yakoub Islam, Moderator, Autism Educator email forum
  25. Jane Wadsworth
  26. Kenneth J. Chang MD & Christina Chang
  27. Britney Crawford, mom to Jake 8 autistic
  28. Linda Ward
  29. Sue Ellis, Nottingham England, Teacher of children with autism
  30. T. Paplanus, mother
  31. Amber Culver, mother to autistic son age 6, Eugene, Oregon
  32. Jackie Alder, grandmother of autistic grandson, age 6
  33. Tina Ernst, mom to Alex, age 6, autistic
  34. Bridgett Mahoney, autistic
  35. Veronica K. Mowery, mother to Michael, age 7, autistic
  36. Bronwen van der Wal, Australia
  37. Norma Taylor, Elementary Teacher
  38. Toni Rejcek, mother of a HFA son
  39. Lenore Kinzenbaw, Texas, mother to ASD teen
  40. Michelle Di Piazza, Rochelle Park New Jersey
  41. Thomas Di Piazza Rochelle Park New Jersey
  42. Nancy Sierchio Mom to David age 5 Autistic
  43. Nicholas Sierchio Jr., Dad to David age 5 Autistic
  44. Nicholas Sierchio III, Brother to David age 5 Autistic
  45. David Sierchio, age 5 Autistic
  46. Tom Sloan, Brother to David age 5 Autistic
  47. Claire Hance, "Grama Patty Cake" to David age 5 Autistic
  48. Pamela Hance, Aunt to David age 5 Autistic
  49. Elizabeth Dettrey, from USA
  50. Nicole Lannyk, mother of autistic son age 4, Wisconsin
  51. Joanne & Greg Killiam, parents to 6 year old Zackery
  52. Debra A. Bettis
  53. Lisa Shrewsbury, mother of Corey age 4, Beckley, West Virginia
  54. Julie Armendarez, mother of an autistic child
  55. Rebecca Eisman Gerson, educator
  56. Kelly Whalen mother of ten year old autistic boy
  57. Alec Angelo, young man with autism
  58. Kathleen Klier, Teacher and Mother of 16 year old child with autism.
  59. Jason A. Reis, Autism Networks Inc.
  60. Janet J. Walsh
  61. Brian Henson, autistic spectrum adult, poet, columnist,, Brantford, Ontario.
  62. Jennifer Long, mother of a daughter with PDD and an autistic son, Providence, Rhode Island
  63. Ann M. Daub, M.Ed., Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology; Mother of Danny, 14 year old boy with Asperger Syndrome
  64. Dawn Hirn, mother of autistic child
  65. Donald Hirn, father of autistic child
  66. Cindy Downing
  67. Jane Meyerding, autistic non-mother,
  68. Debra Lacovara, mother of Logan
  69. Cheryl & Cristain Stanescu, parents to beautiful twins - Nicholas and Gabriella
  70. Wendy Altmeier, mother to an autistic child, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  71. Ruth McGivern, Philadelphia, PA
  72. Joan George, Grandmom to Miles, autistic, and full of love
  73. Scott & Andrea Rollins, aunt & uncle to Nicholas & Gabriella, wonderful, autistic twins
  74. Caroline Robertson, mom to beautifully intelligent little boy diagnosed PDD-NOS
  75. Anne-Maree Donoghue, proud parent of an autistic boy
  76. Margaret Collin & Roger Collin, grandparents of a beautiful autistic boy
  77. Deepa & Govind Rajan, parents of 11 year old Rohan
  78. Elaine Dryden, Ph.D., mother of child with Aspergers Syndrome
  79. Adam Valerius, successful adult with autism
  80. Betina Rae, and daughter, both with Asperger Syndrome
  81. David N. Andrews, BA-status, PgCertSpEd (pending), Applied Educational Psychologist (specialism: autistic spectrum difficulties in adulthood); Associate editor (in Finland) for Good Autism Practice journal, Kotka, Finland
  82. Evan & Sandra Gradwell, parents of a 6yr old boy HFA & a 4yr old boy ADD w/Autistic Traits, Australia
  83. Sandy Ball, mom to Matthew now 7 and autistic
  84. Carolyn King
  85. Debby Schultz, mother to a wonderful autistic boy.
  86. Dave Spicer, autistic father of an autistic son
  87. Amy Kubin, mom to Brian, age 8, with Asperger's
  88. Diane Vaughn, Texas, USA, aunt of an 8 year old with Aspergers
  89. Sharie & Steve Landsverk, parents of 8 year old autistic son
  90. Clay Adams, 58, New York
  91. Loretta Cronin
  92. Lana, mother of a vaccine-injured child
  93. Loyd & Amy Cooper.
  94. Peter Hansen, Teacher-Aide with children with special needs, Christchurch, New Zealand
  95. Julie Euston, autistic advocate, proud mother of 3 unique & talented autistic children, Surrey, U.K.
  96. Mie Ravn, Denmark
  97. Serena Marinucci, mother to 19 year old son, Sydney, Australia
  98. Lisbeth Simonsen, Denmark
  99. Marianne Banner, Denmark
  100. Lori Bruedigam
  101. Lynn Connor
  102. Katherine Emert
  103. David K. March, 39, student, volunteer, activist, and late-diagnosed "aspie", Springfield, MO. Email:
  104. Lee Werner, mom of 25 yr. old son, ASD
  105. Warren Werner, 25, ASD
  106. Denise Perna, Pennsylvania
  107. Magdalena Borjas, mom of 11 year old boy, New Jersey
  108. Karin Waaben, Denmark
  109. Ireneusz Trybula, father
  110. Laura Crosby, mom to 7 year old son with Aspergers
  111. Nathaniel Crosby, 7 year old wth Aspergers
  112. Tommy Phillips, Male figure in 7 year old's life
  113. Martha Hackler, granny to 7 year old with Aspergers
  114. Tink Lecuyer, RN-r, ND; Orion, 7, ND Pokemon; Ben, 6, ND Tigger; Sarah, 5, ND Butterfly
  115. Eden Glenn, Mother of Macky, 2 years old
  116. Susan Hobbs, mother of a gorgeous 16 year old son, Jake, a beautiful human being with thoughts and feelings
  117. Elizabeth Hoyt
  118. Tanya Stanley
  119. Brenda Park, mother of 14 year old autistic son.
  120. Jeannie M. Goniwiecha
  121. Tony Langdon 36 years old, diagnosed AS, network administrator, Melbourne, Australia
  122. Sheri Taylor-Mearhoff, Amicus for Children Inc.
  123. Theresa Billingham, mother of Tesla, a very intelligent, precious 5 year old boy diagnosed with PDD/NOS
  124. Kellie Jewell
  125. Jerry L. Tanenbaum, attorney representing children with disabilities
  126. Susan Mercy
  127. Mariecke Janssen, The Netherlands
  128. Joe & Lori Sneed, parents of autistic son Randy.
  129. Leah Deitrich, teacher of students with Autism
  130. Christina Shipley, mother of 5 year old Autistic Son
  131. Denis & Lori Furton, parents of Lucas, 7 years old
  132. Christina & Patrick Guinn, proud parents of Steven
  133. Michele Tyler
  134. Monica Dacyna
  135. Marcie Kimball, Louisiana
  136. Michelle Gawson, mother to 4 year old child with ASD
  137. Debra Moore, grandmother of autistic boy
  138. Gilda Cullingford, mom of 3 year old dx with PDD-NOS.
  139. Will & Nancy Potts, parents of 3 year old son with Autism and Apraxia
  140. Birgit Weiland Mathiasen, Denmark
  141. Jason Hendrickson, father of 2 beautiful sons, D., 7, autism and R. 5, NT
  142. Wanda J. Harkins, 44 year old Asperger's adult, SWF
  143. Sarah Ordaz
  144. Debra Robinson proud parent of a 7 year old son with autism
  145. Julie Eschler, mom of 2 lovable children w/ Asperger Syndrome
  146. Kathy Mattei, mother of 10 year old daughter w/ PDD-NOS
  147. Kathy Millard Ind. AVON Unit Leader/Beauty Advisor
  148. Patricia Donnelly
  149. Kathleen Fasanella; 43, Aspie, econ-activist, author & parent of Mike 16, pdd-nos
  150. Patricia Arnold, President, Autism Society of Orange County
  151. Sara Gardner
  152. Christine Larsen
  153. Anne Bevington, mother of a wonderful AS son
  154. Jodi Pimentel mom of Sarah
  155. Paul Kelly, friend and admirer of aspie acquaintances
  156. Philip Ashton, autistic, Lancashire, England
  157. Teresa Clark, mother of a 4 year old with HFA
  158. Lena DaCosta, mother of 11 year old with ASD, Toronto, Canada
  159. Christina M. Iyama, M.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, mother of a child "outside the bell curve," and friend of children with autistic spectrum disorders
  160. Alexandra Jakobsen, mother of two boys age 11 years, autism and 5 years, autism/ADD. Denmark
  161. Chris Jeskins, friend and teacher.
  162. Kathy Zalenko Ferndale, Michigan
  163. Elisabeth Clark, mother of Alex, an autist,
  164. Dave Campion, grandfather of a wonderful grandson with autism
  165. Eric Husman, Junk Science Critic
  166. Carolyn Smith, mother of 4 year old son with autism
  167. Lyndsey Smith, big sister of Richard Smith
  168. Ashley Chaney, also big sister of Richard Smith
  169. Mike Pandolfi, proud dad of Sam, age 14
  170. Michelle Davakis and I am the proud parent of our daughter who has a dagnosis of autism
  171. Anita Frechette Godin, mother to Paul 8 making strides with Autism
  172. Sally R. Young, Ph.D., Autism Research, Consultation, and Books
  173. Diane Hollister, mom to two Aspergers kids
  174. Rabbi Irwin & Marta Tanenbaum, aunt and uncle of a child with Asperger's
  175. Eva Smulski-Linka, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  176. Paola Seidel, M.D.
  177. Owen G. Clayton, Ph.D. (HFA)
  178. Cathy Adams M.Ed., Special Education Coordinator
  179. Anne Carpenter, MLS, 47 year old woman with autism
  180. Christine Fekete, mother of a wonderful boy, Paul
  181. Troy & Joell Salfer, parents of 2 boys with autism
  182. Michelle Bowe, mother of Brandon, 7 year old autistic
  183. Kenny Bowe, brother of Brandon, 7 year old autistic
  184. Ken Bowe, father of Brandon, 7 year old autistic
  185. Dylan Bowe, brother of Brandon 7 year old autistic
  186. Mikael Nilsson, 32 year old Aspie, Sweden
  187. Dr. Richard Garnett, parent of 22 year old son with autism
  188. Carol Wilson, mother of 11 year old with Asperger's
  189. Gerald "Jerry" Newport, 56, adult with Asperger's, husband of spouse with Asperger's, Advocate, Author of three books on Autism and Asperger's, inspiration for major movie dealing with Autism and Asperger's, tax consultant and occasional taxi driver
  190. Delfina Acosta, mother of a 9 year old daugther with Asperger Syndrome
  191. Tina Andersen, mother to authistic son, 6 years, Denmark
  192. Pam and Dan O'Connor, parents of delightful 3 year old Andrew, diagnosed with autism. While we support all research endeavors that may someday help these children, the use of inappropriate or inflammatory jargon is not acceptable in our society. Respect for the unique challenges of this population of children and adults is paramount.
  193. M Thomson Roth
  194. Melody Lubart, mother to Frank, diagnosed Aspergers at age 22
  195. Joy Clark, grandmother of an autistic child, school SENCO, co-moderator of
  196. Frank Jankovich, father of Michelle, 5 year old daughter with autism.
  197. Lecia Macryn, Mother to child with Autism and producer of educational Audio CD's about Autism & Asperger Syndrome
  198. Patricia Collopy
  199. Shawn and Mary Hamilton, parents of 11 year old son with Asperger's
  200. Peter & Esther Horsman, proud great-grandparents to two wonderful kids
  201. Sue Lomas, proud grandmother of a beautiful 3 year old grandson, Jarrod, who is autistic, Sydney Australia
  202. Laura A. Tisoncik, Webmaster,
  203. Amanda Baggs, Webmaster,
  204. Geraldine Robertson, Asperger Syndrome; webmaster, Autism Tasmania
  205. Kayleen Watt, a person who believes all persons should be given an equal chance at life
  206. Melinda Abney Kaiser, mother of a 3 year old autistic son
  207. Steven M. Eidelman, Executive Director, The Arc of the United States
  208. Chris Privett, Director of Communications, The Arc of the United States
  209. A. Michael Palazzo
  210. Stefanie Evans, mother of 17 years old son,
  211. Anne Finger, President, Society for Disability Studies (organization listed only for identification purposes)
  212. Paul Trehin
  213. Nina Martins, New Jersey
  214. Laureen Summers
  215. Ann Millett, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  216. Charlie Lowe, Peggy Pack, Ph.D. and Associates
  217. Dwight D. Godwin, father of a 16 year old child with Asperger's
  218. Jamie Thomas, Research Associate/Doctoral Student, Kansas
  219. George Gotto, Research Coordinator, Kansas
  220. Denise Poston, Ph.D., Kansas
  221. Jean Ann Summers, professional and advocate, Kansas
  222. Matthew J. Stowe, Kansas
  223. Nina Zuna, Doctoral Student Researcher and Advocate, Kansas
  224. Jane Gnojek, Friend of several people with autism
  225. Stephen C. Duclos, Director, South Shore Family Health Collaborative, LLC
  226. Jim Ferris, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  227. Phil Lee & Lin Lee, parents of Alex and John Lee, and their neurotypical sister Naomi. Cambridgeshire, England
  228. Lauren M. Priest
  229. Deborah McCarthy
  230. Todd Richards, Ph.D., Professor of Radiology, University of Washington
  231. Kristine Mulhorn, University of Michigan-Flint
  232. Nan Li, advocate for people with disability, China
  233. Mike Long, Washington State University
  234. Max Miller, father and friend of possible ADD and Asperger's diagnosed people
  235. Georgina Kleege, University of California, Berkeley.
  236. Zach Anderson, MS, Ph.D Candidate, Neuroscience, Washington State University
  237. Matt Bewley, 24, Asperger's
  238. Janet J. Mundell, service provider for Families dealing with Autism
  239. Jessica Palmer, Massachusetts mother of a sweet autistic child
  240. Phil Ferguson, E. Desmond Lee Professor for the Education of Children with Disabilities, University of Missouri St. Louis
  241. Charlotte Mazzeo-Comeione, Director of training, Interim Director of PRISM Supported Living Services, Jay Nolan Community Services
  242. Amanda & Scott Morse, parents to 6 yr old Graham diagnosed Asperger's
  243. Tyann Madden, 1st grade teacher.
  244. Amber Callihan, Northern Kentucky University
  245. Jayme Linville, Northern Kentucky University
  246. Michelle Gish, Northern Kentucky University
  247. Katherine Watson, Northern Kentucky University
  248. Brandi Montgomery , Northern Kentucky University
  249. Lesley Wespessel, Northern Kentucky University
  250. Jennifer Reynolds, Northern Kentucky University
  251. Tonya Skelton, Northern Kentucky University
  252. Kristy Straus, Northern Kentucky University
  253. Aleshia Fisher, Northern Kentucky University
  254. Maria Roenker, Northern Kentucky University
  255. Jacqueline Baldridge, Northern Kentucky University
  256. Kim Wagenlander, Northern Kentucky University
  257. Michael Jones, Northern Kentucky University
  258. Penny Georgeton, Northern Kentucky University
  259. Annie Schultz, Northern Kentucky University
  260. Laura Menner, Northern Kentucky University
  261. J.D.Reid, Skagit Valley College, Mount Vernon Washington
  262. Claudia Burrows, mother of 3 children "on the spectrum", and none of whom are "mad" by any definition! Indianapolis, Indiana
  263. Ginny & Mark Mitchell, proud parents of AS 6 year old
  264. Elaine Mack, my son has Asperger's Syndrome and is an adult
  265. Susan J. Moreno, M.A.A.B.S., President, MAAP Services for Autism & Asperger Syndrome
  266. Karin Kibler, Lewis & Clark College, Portland Oregon
  267. Kendall Corbett, Coordinator of Consumer Activities, Wyoming INstitute for Disabilities (WIND)
  268. Jenna Lahmann Gillespie, Ph.D. Candidate in Literature (Disability Studies), University of California, San Diego
  269. Joe Truitt, Father of autistic daughter 5 year old
  270. Holly Truitt, Mother of autistic daughter 5 year old
  271. Bobby G Greer, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
  272. Steven E. Brown, Institute on Disability Culture; author, Movie Stars and Sensuous Scars
  273. Rob Ragatz, Ph.D., Associate Director & Coordinator of Training, Counseling Services, Washington State University
  274. Teresa Whelley, Assistant Professor,Center on Disability Studies, University of Hawaii-Manoa
  275. Jamie & Karen Manning. Parents of autistic boy.
  276. Jenny Ruskamp, Special Education Teacher
  277. Ulla Mortensen, mother to Daniel 14 years old with AS, Denmark
  278. Autumn Palumbo, 20 year-old Aspie
  279. Rachel Littlewood, leader of Faith and Light Medway; mother of a very special autistic daughter Lucy
  280. Graziano Masia, President of Autismo Sardegna
  281. Barbara Fischlowitz-Leong, Executive Director, Assistive Technology Resource Centers of Hawaii
  282. Dana Zappala, Mount Laurel, New Jersey
  283. Georgia Bissias, mother to George (Down Syndrome, Autism) and Mia (typical)
  284. Cheryl Loesch, mother to a girl with AS and an EXTRAORDINARY mind, St. Paul Minnesota
  285. Gary Brown, Moscow, Idaho
  286. Mary Ann Bissias, grandmother to George Bissias (Down Syndrome, Autism)
  287. Pam and Noel DeRemigi, parents of 2 autistic sons, ages 6 and 7 from New Jersey
  288. Kim Lace, Queensland, Australia
  289. Margaret A. Volz, grandmother of a lovely 11 year old autistic child.
  290. Lisa Tice, advocate for people with disabilities
  291. Liuba Toader, mother of daughter with autism, age 10, president of the parent association, Autism Romania
  292. The Principal and Staff of The Key School, Johannesburg, South Africa
  293. Vivian G. Chapman, ABA supervisor for Children with Autism. San Jose, California
  294. Andy Acosta, father of a 9 year old girl with Asperger's Syndrome
  295. Karen Kutcka, mother of "near recovery" ASD son
  296. Elise Suthers, mother to a fantastic 10 year old Aspie
  297. Phil Schwarz, Aspie father of an autistic son, Jeremy; co-author, Ask and Tell: Self-Advocacy and Disclosure for People on the Autism Spectrum (Shawnee Mission, KS: Autism Asperger Publishing Co., 2004); Vice-President, Asperger's Association of New England; board member at large, Autism Society of America, Massachusetts Chapter; member of planning committee for Autreat, the annual conference/retreat of Autism Network International
  298. Christopher Derhammer Hill
  299. Michelle McQuillan, mother of 12 year old autistic son
  300. Vicki Kaplan, mother of 2 wonderfully imaginative children, one son with Asperger's Syndrome and one son with autism
  301. Jennifer Parr, mother to 4 daughters, 2 of whom are autistic
  302. Shari and John Nettles, Athens, Georgia
  303. Amy & Gareth Nelson, Aspies for Freedom
  304. Jill Stacey, South Africa
  305. Lisa & Michael Coomber, parents to Brad 5 years old... nonverbal after 12 month vaccine... very loving and affectionate...
  306. Vanessa Miller, mother to a 10 year old boy with autism
  307. Judy K. C. Bentley, Doctoral Candidate in Education, Texas State University
  308. Christine Koudstaal, Unica School, South Africa
  309. Sharon E. Hoffman, proud parent of a son once labeled autistic, who is now an independent adult
  310. Dr. Brad Duchaine, Prosopagnosia Research Center at Harvard University
  311. Angela Merritt, Gonzaga University, office of Disability Resources, Education, and Access Management
  312. Darold A. Treffert, M.D., savant/autism researcher,
  313. Jessica Seidel, M.S.W., Jersey City, New Jersey
  314. Sandy Matteo, grandmother to Nicholas and Gabriella
  315. Kimberly McGuire, mother to Ryan PDD/NOS, Virginia
  316. Evline Bilboussian, Case Worker
  317. Merry Barua, mother to Neeraj, a wonderful young man with autism, Action for Autism, India
  318. Steve & Claudene Carruth, granddparents
  319. Indrani Basu, Autism Society W.B, Calcutta, India
  320. Renee Rodriguez, CSW
  321. Celticess, HFA and mother of two. Don't cure my autism instead cure the cancer that killed my daughter and so many of my family. We are not second class citizens in this country. We deserve the same rights as other canadians. Shame on those in power that refuse to educate themselves on topics they form laws or policies on.
  322. Campbell McGregor, Glasgow
  323. Nicklas Naas, Sweden, boyfriend of an autistic woman
  324. Kate Schmidt, Lawrence Kansas
  325. Patricia Clark, Recording Secretary, Autism Society of America - Greater Georgia Chapter
  326. Gwynfryn Thomas, Asperger's beneficiary, gifted inventor and natural philosopher, and, it seems highly probable, a better scientist than Drs. Haley, Miller et al.
  327. Mark Stewart, father of Logan.
  328. Teresa Harper, mother of Clinton (Autism), Pike Road, Alabama
  329. Gail Cummings, Greenfield Massachusetts
  330. Brian Cummings, Greenfield Massachusetts
  331. Christopher Cussick, Greenfield Massachusetts
  332. Crystal Colandria, Greenfield Massachusetts
  333. Michael Garland, age 11, Autistic, Greenfield Massachusetts
  334. Evelyn Holzmuller, grandmother to Michael Garland, New Jersey
  335. Erich Holzmuller, grandfather to Michael Garland, New Jersey
  336. Michelle Garland, sister to 11 yr old Michael, Massachusetts
  337. Paul and Khye Coomber brothers to Brad 5 years old with Autism, Sydney Australia
  338. Zach Rossetti, Special Education, Disability Studies, Syracuse University Beyond Compliance (BCCC)
  339. Joanne Allen, son William, Surrey, United Kingdom
  340. Merrill K., Asperger's Family Forum
  341. Angie S., Iowa, Mother of 9 year old boy with Asperger's Syndrome
  342. Suri Fineberg, mother of a delicious, sweet, affectionate, beautiful and loving 5 year old boy (who happens to be autistic).
  343. Elizabeth Roberts, mother of 4 year old daughter she suspects as having Aspergers syndrome, Western Australia
  344. Ken & Karen Lee, proud parents of Jarrod, 3 years. Australia
  345. Gail Evans, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
  346. Guadalupe G. Juarez, grandmother of a 9 year old girl with Asperger Syndrome.
  347. Maria Lucia Ferreira Gonçalves - avó de Victor - autista, 5 anos.
  348. Mara, avó do Victor, autista, 4 anos e 10 meses, Brasília D.F.
  349. Donna & Ed Daly, New Jersey
  350. Kassiane A. Sibley, autistic adult; Contributor to Ask and Tell, Secretary of Greater Peoria Area chapter of the Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities in Illinois.
  351. Leigh Gifford, mother to James, 11, and Taylor, 9. Both are low functioning autistic.
  352. Donna Williams, International Author, public speaker and person diagnosed with Autism
  353. Jean Kearns Miller, writer; editor of Women from Another Planet?: Our Lives in the Universe of Autism; publisher, Dancing Mind Press; college English instructor, Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, Michigan; wife, mother, & autist!
  354. Dolly B. La Touf, Skills Trainer/Educator/Guardian to 4 mentally challenged children, Honolulu, Hawaii
  355. William Hoyt,Greenfield Massachusetts
  356. Selina Feliciano, Greenfield, Massachusetts
  357. Marilyn Slootmaker, North Haledon New Jersey
  358. Keith Slootmaker, uncle to Michael Garland, North Haledon ,New Jersey
  359. Danielle Slootmaker, cousin to Michael Garland, North Haledon ,New Jersey
  360. Heather Gregorka, Greenfield, Massachusetts
  361. Melissa Gregorka, Greenfield, Massachusetts
  362. Michael Gregorka, Greenfield, Massachusetts
  363. Ryan Griffin, Greenfield, Massachusetts
  364. Heather Aiken, Greenfield, Massachusetts
  365. Elijah Aiken, Greenfield, Massachusetts
  366. Brenda L. High, Director, Bully Police USA, mother of Jared High, a "Bullycide" (suicide attributed to bullying),
  367. Elizabeth J. & Robert N. Seidel, grandparents
  368. Vanessa Naves Costa, Tia Mauricio, 3 anos, Itajubá MG Brasil
  369. Michael & Dorothy McCarley
  370. Annabel Kay
  371. Barney Thomas
  372. Jeffrey McCarley
  373. Fiorella Tazza, Kansas City, Kansas
  374. Bonnie Shoultz, Syracuse University
  375. Elizabeth Cobb, mother of 9 year old daughter who is gifted and has Nonverbal Learning Disability and ADHD, - Woodland, California
  376. Allison Kanto, Special Education Teacher, Los Angeles, California
  377. Eda Wilson, speech language pathologist, FAPS, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
  378. Debra M Kahrs
  379. Diane Burczyk, gratefully diagnosed aspergers at 47
  380. Amitava Basu, with Asperger Syndrome; Autism Society, West Bengal, India
  381. Nora Bullock, M.Ed.
  382. Mark Craig, who has always known he was "different", but hardly damaged or inferior; North Highlands, California
  383. Carolyn Smith, mother of 4 year old son with autism
  384. Lyndsey Smith, big sister of Richard Smith
  385. Ashley Chaney, also big sister of Richard Smith
  386. Heath & Tracy Hamilton, proud parents of Heath Justin, 5 years old, and Lauryn Taylor, 3 years old
  387. Allan Saxby, father of two girls with autism, Australia
  388. George J. Bissias, grandfather of George D. Bissias
  389. Yvona Fast, Lake Clear, New York
  390. Ronald and Carol Hamilton, proud grandparents of Ian aged 11 years old and has Asperger's and is a very special boy!
  391. Stone, Autist at Large.,
  392. Marta Herrera, Special Education Teacher, Los Angeles, California
  393. Lisa Darling, mother of a 13 year old son with PDD-NOS/Autistic Disorder diagnosis, and also a 2 year old son with autism
  394. Sharyn Millen, Inverness, Scotland, Very Proud Mother of 2 wonderful Autistic sons 13 & 4
  395. Nicole Mrosek, Mother of 2 children with an ASD, Glasgow/Scotland
  396. Linda Newland/Parent-Advocate - Bend, Oregon. Mom to Nicole 20; Cass 17 (AS); Brittany 16 (AS) and married to an AS spouse. Co-founder of A.S.P.I.R.E.S.; B.R.A.S.S. and O.P.U.
  397. Felix Seidel, Aspie, 14 years old
  398. Julie Louca, mother of Lucy 4 who has Autism, a beautiful princess inside and out, Cyprus
  399. Mandy Yeager, art educator and disability advocate
  400. Helen Green, mother of a 9 year old with Asperger Syndrome and Dyspraxia; also sister of a severely autistic 32 year old brother; London, England
  401. Marieke van Hees, Aspie, The Netherlands
  402. T'Pell Wilson, 53-year-old female Asperger and 30-year professional computer programmer, Texas
  403. Leolinda Parlin, mom of Sunny, age 11 with Aspergers
  404. James R. Laidler, M.D., autism researcher and father of an autistic child
  405. Valerie J. Pearce, MSW student, University of Wyoming
  406. Lisa Maeorg, mother of Francesca — artistic, autistic angel — the best teacher I've ever had
  407. LeeAnne Vollmer, mother of Michael, Maryland
  408. Catherine Mello
  409. Peter Bowditch, Australian Council Against Health Fraud
  410. Larry Arnold, Trustee and Councillor, UK National Autistic Society; Facilitator, Coventry and Warwickshire Neurodiversity Group; Autistic Poet, Photographer and Artist
  411. Laura Manley, mother of AS son
  412. Sheryl Prenzlau
  413. Lucas McCarty, 18 year old Aspie. The fact that Dr Haley justifies the use of 'Mad Child Disease' because Autism is such a disaster obviously isn't a good idea to express to Autistics.
  414. Karen Darling, wife of Aspie aged 42, mother of James aged 10 and also an Aspie, both of whom have lightened up my life.
  415. Meryl, 17 year old with HFA
  416. Sean Luciw
  417. Janet Thrope, 43 year old adult with NLD
  418. Dr. Katherine Z. Souza, Marriage and Family Therapist, Community Chest, Inc.
  419. Tracey White, 28 year old with NLD
  420. Keith Piskur
  421. Rick Chefitz, 32 year old with NLD and AS
  422. Rebecca Rude Ozaki, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii, Real Choices ACCESS
  423. Kelly Reid, mother to 11 year old Taylor, vaccine-injured at 15 months (NLD, ADD, GAD, OCD); Ontario, Canada
  424. Kevin Baker, London, United Kingdom
  425. Ziggie Nybo Andersen, Copenhagen, Denmark
  426. Carol Kingham, mother of Zachary, 12 year old autistic boy
  427. David Paul Xavier Burch, South Bend, Indiana, USA
  428. Rita Jordan, Professor in Autism Studies, School of Education, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
  429. Jamie — mom of Steven (autistic) and Adam (kinda NT)
  430. Robert Euston, United Kingdom
  431. Herbert G. Emert (Father of Jonathan, PDD student, Main Streamed for 5th Grade)
  432. Lisa Childs
  433. Goran Dzingalasevic, Ph.D., professional working with autistic children and adults
  434. Mary Viall, mother of four-year old son
  435. Ariane McCosh, mother of Aspy 6 year old and wife of Aspy 45 year old, which I would not trade for any Neurotypical
  436. Jodi Scaltreto, mother of a soon to be 22 year old AS son, Hillsborough, New Hampshire
  437. Tracy McGee
  438. J. Hunter McGee
  439. Paul McGee
  440. Joanne Sullivan
  441. Carol Rhodes
  442. Heather Stackman, mother of two year old son diagnosed with PDD
  443. Eileen Martin, mother of 13 year old with Aspergers and 8 year old with autism, Rochester, New Hampshire
  444. Heather Haws, mother of 2 children with ASD, stepmother of 1 child with ASD and 1 NT child
  445. Frank Mitchell, grandfather of a brilliant Asperger's child age 13 and a handsome autistic child of 8 years
  446. Kathleen Millen, proud grandparent of 2 autisic boys Kenneth 13, and Kaidyn 4, Inverness, Scotland
  447. Brandon Ostrom, 21, aspiring tuba player, who thinks we should find the causes and better treatment for 'mad scientist disease'.
  448. Jeanne M. Smith, parent of autistic children
  449. Kenneth R. Smith, parent of autistic children
  450. Zulmira Werneck Werberich, Brasilian grandmother of autistic children.
  451. Karemah Hoskins, mother of a 4 year old with ASD.
  452. Roy Hodges, 28
  453. Ralph Smith, The Autism Project, Ontario, Canada
  454. Suzanne Paola, Washington State
  455. Yosef Robinson, 22, autistic, Montreal
  456. Loreen Degenstein, 44, AS/HFA
  457. Jason M. Bullett, Asperger's (or possessing traits therein), Saratoga Springs NY USA
  458. Lisa Jean Collins, mother of David, age 10, autistic and one of my best buddies
  459. Gabi Clayton, Youth Guardian Services
  460. Raymond van Es, NLD, Netherlands
  461. Glenys Jackson, mother in a family where several adult individuals (including me and my husband) have the 'gift' of Asperger's syndrome.
  462. Ettina (Stephanie Buydens), age 15, gifted, possible aspie, sexually abused. I would willingly turn back time to prevent being abused but I'd never change how my brain works. I think the increase in autism is directly linked to the increase in gifted people. The incidence of giftedness is more than the bell curve predicts, and most gifted kids have autistic traits. I know the literature says there's a 60-80% incidence of -70 IQ, but in nonverbal, very autistic and/or very inertial people IQ tests can be very inaccurate, and gifted autistic kids are underdiagnosed because they can better fake it than nongifted autistics.
  463. Palmira mother of Leandro, autistic 15 years old, wants more respect and love for this adorable humans beings
  464. Laura Helena Dale Franco, mae do Felipe, 27 anos, com autismo, Brazil
  465. Michael Bode, 20, New Jersey, diagnosed with Asperger's
  466. Virgynia Bingham, mother of a 14 year old autistic child, and wife of a man with asperger's syndrome. I am owner/author of, Where Different Does Not Mean Broken. Autism related websites: Asperger's Support Group of Northern Nevada, A website about my son and his experiences with autism; Aspergers Circle, an email group for folks with Asperger's and the people who love them
  467. Mara Polk, friends to people on the Autistic spectrum, possibly on it myself and totally offended that anyone would use such words
  468. Reverend Mike Bosberry, 37. dx'ed Asperger's 1995.
  469. Carrie and Michael Hendricks proud parents of a beautiful happy 5 year old autistic son
  470. Skye Escobar, mother of 3 year autistic child
  471. Maggie. mother of a 14 year old Autistic girl and manager of AUTISMCHATANDSHARE
  472. Lori Carroll
  473. Jessica Esquivel
  474. Susan Riddle
  475. Christina Halkias
  476. Val Clarke, Grandmother raising a autistic grandaughter, that makes progress everyday
  477. Mrs. London, Parent of a darling autistic angel
  478. Pam Farrell
  479. Gary & Sal London parents of Liam 3 yrs old and members of AUTISMCHATANDSHARE
  480. Dana White
  481. Margarida H. Windholz, Ph.D., Psychologist, University of São Paulo, Brazil
  482. Nicholle Brendlinger
  483. Marly Tocantins, psychologist and art therapist, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  484. Mariene Martins Maciel, Salvador/BA/Brasil, mother of Gabriel, a wonderful autistic boy, 11 y.o.
  485. Argemiro de Paula Garcia Filho, Salvador/BA/Brasil,father of Gabriel, a wonderful autistic boy, 11 y.o.
    Autism from Brasil Virtual Community,
  486. Águeda M.L.Pinto, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, mother Luiza 9 y.o.
  487. Priscilla Siomara Goncalves, Americana/São Paulo/Brasil, proud mother of asperger boy with 12 years old, Leonardo
  488. Manoel Antonio Barboza Gonçalves, Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais. Brasil. I'm a father of a beautiful autistic boy, now he's 20 years old. His name is Alysson Leal Gonçalves.
  489. Mariene Martins Maciel, Salvador, Bahia, Brasil. Mother of boy autista with 11 older. Vice-president of Sindicato dos Jornalistas do Estado da Bahia
  490. Eliane Brandão de Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro/RJ/Brasil, mother of Renata, a wonderful autistic woman, 27 y.o.
  491. Pedro Paes de Carvalho & Myllene Mouzinho Paes de Carvalho, parents of Victor, 5 years old, with Asperger Syndrome
  492. Letícia Siqueira, RS/Brasil
  493. Cintia Regina Santos Lima , São Paulo/SP/Brasil, proud mother of Bernardo, a beautiful and wonderful autistic boy, 4 y.o.
  494. José Elias da Silva Lima, father of Bernardo, a beautiful and wonderful autistic boy, 4 y.o.
  495. Suzana Maria Lucas Braum, Santa Cruz do Sul RS Brasil. mãe do Thomas, 3 anos.
  496. Sandra Roos, São Paulo/SP/Brasil, psychologist.
  497. Larisa Guadencio Balseiros, Guarulhos/SP/Brasil mother of Lucas, a wonderful autistic boy, 4 y.o.
  498. Vera Lucia de matos Rodrigue, Psicóloga, São Lourenço, Minas Gerais. Brasil
  499. Marise Ferreira de Pontes, Fortaleza/CE/Brasil, aunt of Júnior, a nice and sweet little boy, 4 y.o
  500. Silvia de Paula Garcia, Sao Paulo/Brasil.
  501. Silvana Caetano, Rio de Janeiro/Brasil, mother of autistic child
  502. Eva Guimarães da Silva, Salvador/BA/Brasil
  503. Leticia Borges Lima, Amigos da Região Carbonífera de Santa Catarina, Brasil
  504. Willa Nidiffer, aunt to a loving autistic child
  505. Fa&actue;bio Pietro Paulo, São Paulo/SP/Brasil, father of Caroline 3,7 y.o., possibly Asperger
  506. Nilton Salvador, father of Eros Daniel, age 30
  507. Theresa Basile, sister of a brother with autism
  508. Colin Revell, East Riding of Yorkshire, England, U.K.
  509. Hazel Pottage
  510. Graciette Grace Marinho da Costa Neves, Rio de Janeiro/RJ/Brasil, mother of Isabella, 2 y.o.
  511. Arlete Rebouças Azevedo Fortaleza/Ceará/Brasil, mother of Thiago, a wonderful autistic boy, 13 y.o.
  512. Karen A. Wineberg, PROUD mother of three autistic children
  513. Jesse Wineberg
  514. Kaya Knapp
  515. Michaela Knapp
  516. Timothy Knapp
  517. Himansu Karmakar & Shubhra Karmakar, parents of an autistic daughter, West Bengal, India
  518. Kevin Leyland, certified adaptive snowsports instructor affiliated with the Professional Ski Instructors of America and American Association of Snowboard Instructors
  519. Gabriela Maciel de Paula Garcia, sister of Gabriel, a wonderfoul autistic boy 11 y.o.
  520. Len Huber, Ph.D., School Psychologist, Greenfield Public Schools, Greenfield MA
  521. Jerry Giannotti, uncle and God Father of Matthew, a bright young man with talents and wit like no other, who inspires me each and every day
  522. Nick & Lisa Monti, proud parents of autistic child, Remsenburg, NY
  523. Arthur M. Litoff, York Springs, PA
  524. Cynthia Dudley, Montreal, QC
  525. Carol Shaw
  526. Paul Carty, Human Being
  527. Lorna R. Richard, Educator, fighting to mainstream autistic students into the regular classroom for more subject areas
  528. Joel Clark Mason, Rector, The Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Chappaqua, New York where we have lovely autistic children taking part in all aspects of our parish life
  529. Kate Gladstone, an adult who has Asperger's, who has built an internationally recognized career in the field of handwriting remediation for those with and without disabilities, and who has appeared in THE NEW YORK TIMES for her work in this field
  530. Regiane Dias Trudes, Sao Paulo/Brasil, mother of Renan 5 y.o., a wonderful boy with PDD
  531. Levi Trudes Pereira, Sao Paulo/Brasil, father of Renan 5 y.o., a wonderful boy with PDD
  532. Vagner Matos, Sao Paulo/Brasil, uncle of Renan, 5 y.o.
  533. Francisca G.S. Matos, Sao Paulo/Brasil, aunt of Renan, 5 y.o.
  534. Selmo Linhares Medeiros, Sao Paulo/Brasil, friend of Regiane & Levi Trudes, parents of renan at 5 y.o., really a wonderful boy with PDD
  535. Leticia Cristina S. Mateus, São Paulo/Brasil, Renan's friend, 5 y. o.
  536. Kathy & Joe Pesce
  537. Miranda Zindel, sister of two brothers with Asperger's
  538. Rhoda and Frank Bryan of Delaware; Proud parents of a 25 year old son who is active, artistic, and a hero with smarts, who wrestles through his OCD and Asperger's every day! And that is far more than most of us could say!!!
  539. Gabriel Pinheiro. Journalist. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
  540. Jacquelyn S. Stokes-Thompson, mother of 21 year old Robert L. Thompson, Jr.
  541. Ken & Louise Dawson, Vancouver, Canada (Michelle's proud parents)
  542. Veronica Fellman, Medical Student, NY
  543. Rachel Katz, ABA Provider/Therapist
  544. Judy Myles, RPA, Nova Center of the Ozarks and social work major
  545. Brian Ott -- Just someone who believes in dignity and the strength of the Human spirit
  546. Orly Benun
  547. Ellen Schousboe, autistic college student
  548. Vanessa Naves Costa - Itajubá - MG - Brasil
  549. Christina M. Sabella, mother to Christopher, 11 AS
  550. Dorian Zimmerman, advocate for an inclusive society
  551. Norma Banas, Ed. D., former director of Educational Guidance Services, Inc. applauds your attitudes and efforts to allow autistic individuals to develop as people without the need to be changed.
  552. Elizabeth Hendrix, mom to two 14 year old boys with Asperger Syndrome, Des Moines IA
  553. Claudete S. Vilela, Renan's friend 5 y. o.
  554. Dominic Elefante, Sleepy Hollow, NY
  555. Andrea V. McDaniel, Queen Creek, AZ
  556. Milena D'Abbadia, Salvador/Bahia/Brasil
  557. Janice L. Johnston, M.S. Biology and happily Autistic
  558. Kristina Bressler, C.A.
  559. Rohan Sabnis, Claremont, CA
  560. Deb Sikich, Ellen's proud aunt
  561. Molly Chambers, Sarah's proud aunt and one who believes that our differences are to be celebrated
  562. Bruce Norris, Vancouver Island, Canada
  563. Larry Garascia
  564. Rita de Cassia Dultra Nascimento, Music Therapist, Salvador/Bahia/Brasil
  565. Monica Pozzi, Baden, Switzerland
  566. Sandra Bules, mother of a 16 yr old ADD child
  567. Rod Van Mechelen, publisher of, co-founder of, author of several articles on Asperger's Disorder, first diagnosed with Autism in 1996, and later diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder.
  568. Gavan Hayllar, Victoria Australia
  569. Linda Tillou, proud mom of Ellen, and a teacher who sees daily how kids with differences can succeed and can make a positive difference in our world
  570. Lynn Purvis-Yund
  571. Anthony Karl Page,
  572. Ana Laura Azuma, Psicóloga, São Paulo/Brasil
  573. Sarah A. L'Heureux, on behalf of my 5 year old autistic son, Matthew Roper
  574. Dr. Richard A. Roper, on behalf of my son, Matthew Roper.
  575. David Poznanter, Salzburg, Austria
  576. Thomas and Stephanie McNerney, parents of Alasdair McNerney, London, UK
  577. John P. Nelson, University of Washington, Tacoma. Academic Adviser for many on the spectrum, both diagnosed and not; father of a brilliant 9 year old with Asperger syndrome.
  578. Duncan Keighley, UK, 29. AS 'sufferer', husband of a loyal, loving suspected Aspie and father of a bright, gentle 8 year old Aspie-let
  579. Joe Tan, 31 yr old aspie, "Respect our different even better cognitive style"
  580. Augustin & Patricia Rivera, parents of Augustin Jr., 4 years old with autism
  581. Kathleen Pennell, Cherry Hill, NJ, Advocate for Asperger's teens
  582. Brian & Monica Witt, Oakland, California. On behalf of our son Philip, 5
  583. Alicia Deer & L Paul Turner, mother and step-father to David, age 2, autistic
  584. Maria do Carmo Tourinho Ribeiro Vieira, Professora
  585. Amy Merriman-Dougherty, mother of a 4 year old autistic daughter
  586. Skye Escobar, appalled mother of 3 year old autistic boy
  587. Royce G. McGuire, grandfather of a 13 year old autistic female
  588. Sandra McClennen, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, Eastern Michigan University and Licensed Psychologist
  589. Sarah O'Neill proud mother of autistic son, Kyle 12 years old
  590. Sylvia Canjura-Ornelas, Training Coordinator, Foundation for the Junior Blind
  591. Diane Pascaretti, grandmother of 9 year old boy with Asperger's
  592. Vanessa Stearnes De Rio, Texas mother of an 8 year old Aspie boy
  593. trkelley, musician, the raventones, oregon, usa
  594. Kaitlin Taylor, West Chicago, IL, on behalf of kids at my school with developmental disorders
  595. Linda K. Hug, Vancouver, Washington, Aspie, Daughter of, Wife of, Mother of, Grandmother of Aspies
  596. Jane Place
  597. Will Duffy, 42, Aspie
  598. M. A. LaBombard, Texas, High-Functioning Autistic.
  599. Allison Smith, 21 year old Aspie
  600. Loy Coupier, France, 18-year-old Aspie
  601. Elodie Chevillot, Nantes, France
  602. Rachael Grimmett
  603. Lorena Stewart, grandmother of a loving autistic 5 year old boy, Corvallis, Oregon
  604. Tony and Amanda Allen, father and mother of a high-functioning autistic son, Jacob; Paris, Texas.
  605. Laurie Pollack, Lansdowne, Pennsylvania (90% neurotypical, ally, and believer in diversity in all its forms)
  606. Melissa Carte, mother of an autistic son, Ashland, Kentucky
  607. Nilton Salvador, rather of an autistic son and autism writer; Brazil
  608. D. N. Paradise, proud mother of a child on the autism spectrum, Northwest Georgia
  609. Megan Wasnieski
  610. Ryan McReynolds, age 26, Birch Run, Michigan
  611. Malcolm Franklin, Aspie, age 14, England
  612. Sarah Trumble, North Carolina
  613. Jennifer Waddington, age 28, HFA, England
  614. Spencer Gustin, 16 year old Aspie
  615. Alex 'Tiefling' Roberts
  616. Gaja Sophie Peters, 33, Germany
  617. Barry Rosenbaum, age 20, diagnosed with AS
  618. Paul Lee, Denmark, father of 16 year old Aspie son
    The Quack-Files (
    Confessions of a Quackbuster (
  619. Mark Ragel, father of a son diagnosed on the Autism spectrum
  620. Kawther Farooq, MEd, Special and Inclusive Education
  621. Susan Shuemake, mother of remarkable twin girls on the spectrum
  622. Gill Parsonson, teacher of children with special needs including autism. Crawley, UK
  623. Angela M. Gibson
  624. Sarah Vepers, 19 year old aspie and medical student
  625. Karen M. Bishoff, Special Education, LD/ED Teacher; Aspie and Mom to 2 Aspies
  626. Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Brady, Florissant, Missouri
  627. Stephanie McGrath, mother of a 6-year-old boy with Asperger's
  628. Eliane Lima, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, mother of a beautiful boy, 8 years old
  629. Karen Diamantstein, mother of Michael, age 9, Marietta, Georgia
  630. Josie Muller, mother of Danny, an adult autistic
  631. Verdena Veelle, Mulino, Oregon
  632. Cheryl Baggett, truly blessed to be the grandmother of Michael, a beautiful, happy and loving child
  633. Ron Baggett, grandfather of Michael, my love, my friend, my buddy
  634. Keron Smith, Carrollton, Georgia
  635. Kim Brock, friend of a grandmother with an autistic child. He is so sweet!!!
  636. Vette Swint, Carrollton, Georgia
  637. Carol Cole, mother of Lawrence Barney
  638. May Moss, Marietta, Georgia
  639. Federica Ferri, Cape Town, South Africa
  640. Carolina Hay-Fried and Robert Fried; Ashley, Carolina, Adelina and Connor Fried; family of Aidan who is Autistic
  641. Shonda L. Steuart, mother of an autistic/PDD 7 year old boy Edmonton, Canada
  642. Dr. Cait Holland O'Darling, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  643. Jason Walton, two beautiful boys both ASD, West Virginia
  644. Christina Price, mother of two autistic boys ages 3 and 8 months
  645. Courtney Ann Jones, Baltimore, Maryland
  646. Bonnie Clark
  647. Kerrie Ferrara, mother of PDD-NOS 3 year old, Shirley, New York
  648. Naomi & Kevin Leitch, parents to an autistic daughter aged 5,
  649. Rebecca Eckerdt, mother of Sylvia (almost 8) PDD-NOS, ADHD and Brown Syndrome
  650. Jenny Hynes, Plymouth, UK, Carer
  651. Joan McKiernan, Macomb Twp., Michigan
  652. Laura Mikowski, Youth Librarian, Hillsboro (Oregon) Public Libraries
  653. Joanne Holland, MD, owner of a family practice in Oregon; and her daughter, Anna Sheehan, a mother, farmer and autistic
  654. Keith and Melinda Napoletano, parents of Noah, age 6, autistic;
  655. John Gagon, Programmer, Houston, Texas, AS/HFA
  656. Beth Nuttall, Mt. Albert, Ontario, for Hasit and Danny
  657. Karen Graham, mother of HFA daughter aged 7 who constantly delights and surprises us and makes us question our assumptions with her view of the world; Canberra, Australia
  658. Helen Just, mother of Lucas, autistic, Melbourne, Australia
  659. Amy and Emily Kelly
  660. Robert Chichester
  661. Laura Oberst, therapist and mother of an autistic child, Wisconsin
  662. Patti Shepard & Family. Our Goal is acceptance for all autistics "They Demand a Cure. We Demand Freedom.",
  663. Krystyna May (Rolfe), mother of Elizabeth, very talented 11 years old abstract painter, please visit her website at; North Vancouver, Canada
  664. Cindy Clark, mother of Andrew, 10 year old boy filled with love; Missouri
  665. Suniti Shah from Fonthill, Ontario, Canada, the mother of a 34 years old son, Hasit, who loves to be with his family and enjoys people's company but the Government of Ontario has taken him away from his family and kept him confined for over 4 years. The Government rather spend 'substantial' amount of funding in the institution but refuse to provide the funding for his treatment in the community in order for him to live with his family. His human rights are being violated and he is chemically, mechanically and physically restrained.
  666. Angela and Matt parents to twins Kylie and Thomas aged 7, Thomas severe autism non verbal; Birmingham, UK
  667. Erica Podjasek, Denver, CO Single diabled mother of a 2 1/2 year old Autistic child. She brings more joy on a daily basis than is imaginable. Having anyone refer to her or other extrodinary children like her as being infected with "Mad Child Disease" is just abhorrent!
  668. Melissa Jackson, Oregon, Mom to 4 year old with autism
  669. Daniela Sullivan and Theodore Sullivan, parents of an autistic 5 year old, Boston, Massachusetts
  670. Rebecca Boyd
  671. Alex DePriest, Little Rock, Arkansas
  672. Allegra Stout, New Jersey, brother of an individual with Asperger's
  673. Tera Kirk, proud cousin of an autistic who is definitely not mad
  674. Marian Clark & Robert Boyko, parents of a 6-1\2 year old boy that has autism, ADHD cerebral palsy; and Edith Clark, his grandma
  675. Jack Driscoll, 22 year old with ADD and Asperger's Syndrome
  676. Rosemary Buetikofer, proud mother of Jimmy, a wonderful 9 year old on the spectrum.
  677. Eileen Langmaack, University Student and mother of a child who has A-typical Autism. My child is not at all mad but angelic and mild. People who refer to those with autism as "mad" are themselves exhibiting madness created through their ignorance of what those with autism truly experience.
  678. Cathy Musick RN, mother of Cade Musick, age 6
  679. Lorrie and Dennis Csordas, Pennsylvania
  680. Samantha Fawcett, mother of Megan, age 6, with ASD; Hull, England
  681. Mel Beckham, father of wonderful autistic son, Florida
  682. Angie Beckham, mother of wonderful autistic son, Florida
  683. Eileen McCarthy, Pennington, New Jersey
  684. Bridget Coffman, mother of 13 year old son with a dx on the Autism Spectrum
  685. Robin P Clarke, author of [the definitive] unchallenged theory of autism,
  686. Trista J. Rupp Plott, Mother with AS, who has child with AS. I am a group facilitator for a support group for adults on the spectrum in the Erie, PA area. GRASP-ERIE is a satelliete of
  687. Emily Jones
  688. Tera Feigen, neurotypical mom of an Autistic Angel; Watchung, New Jersey
  689. Melissa Mason. AS mother of two with AS son and NT son. Disgusted UK alumnus.
  690. Oro Maria
  691. Charles and Mary Ellen Wilber, grandparents of 13 year old boy with Asperger's Syndrome
  692. Ellen Duran, mother of a wonderful autistic daughter, Illinois
  693. Courtney Duran, sister of a beautiful 21 year old autistic sister, Lindsay! I love you Lindsay!!! Illinois
  694. Tracie Arrighetta and Ray Sitler parents of a five year old son with PDD
  695. Nathan Batra
  696. Darlene Ferroli, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist
  697. Amy Bailey, Mommy to Anthony, diagnosed with autism at age 7 years
  698. Ken Bailey, proudest Daddy in the world to my boy Anthony, who was diagnosed with autism, not Mad Child Disease
  699. Cody "codeman38" Boisclair, 22-year-old Aspie, Georgia, USA
  700. Jason & Jessie Geroux, founders of
  701. Tanya & Greg Bergstein -- mother and autistic father of two boys with autism
  702. Joan Janowski, mother of a son with A.S.
  703. Hazel Dawn Pottage
  704. Bert & KC Roach, proud parents of autistic son, Todd, age 20, Coos Bay, Oregon
  705. Crystal Thirion, mom to 10 year old Colton, Owasso, Oklahoma
  706. Lisa A. Wiley-Ayotte, MAD MOM/not DISEASED, and Extremely Proud Mother to Kamren, age 4, PDD-nos, Millinocket, Maine
  707. Karen A. Reece, mother of Ryan and Brandon; from Michigan
  708. Billie Anne Morin
  709. Dawn Stribling, mother to Logan, 4, diagnosed with PDD-NOS
  710. Rev. Carolyn Bradley, Millinocket, Maine
  711. LaRae Keezer
  712. JoAnn Young, mother to 3 year old with autism
  713. J. Giles, Topsham, Maine
  714. Jane Strauss, very proud Aspie and parent to several kids on the spectrum, who are doing quite well thank you without additional abuse by the system.
  715. Daniela Baudrier Ribeiro da Silva Almada Albuquerque
  716. Debora Smith, mother of a brilliant 8-1/2 year old boy who happens to be a HFA. Tustin, California
  717. Teresa Davies, Plymouth
  718. Angela Quinn, mother of talented and often angry boy Connor, but it in no way allows for any one to label him a mad child my son has Aspergers and he is so loved. Glasgow, Scotland
  719. Susan Buchert, mother to Jakob Russell Buchert, IV, 22 months, autistic, and his neurotypical twin sister, Autumn Elizabeth, Del Norte County, California
  720. Jennie Baker, Millinocket, Maine
  721. Dana Zappala
  722. Sarah Cronk, mother of 3 year old with autism, Iowa
  723. Sophy Chaffee, Encinitas, CA, mother of 3 year-old autistic boy
  724. Shaun Underhay, Bristol, England
  725. Clare Regan, Fairport, New York
  726. Susan Mann, LCSW (retired), Asperger Syndrome
  727. Julia Johnson. I am the mother of an 11 year old girl with aspergers and I also work with developmentally disabled adults and am outraged at the ignorance of people when someone isn't what they consider "normal".
  728. Miriam Sy, mother of a 6 year old Ethan who is the love of my life; The Philippines
  729. Michelle Obermueller, Behavior Therapist with a Minnesota Autism Center
  730. Please add me I am a mother of an autistic son age 9; Concord, California
  731. Isaac Freeborn Kellogg
  732. Ina L. Samonte, mother of a 5 year old boy with PDD
  733. Caroline MacKenzie-Education Assistant working in a classroom with 7 autistic students, who are all very special and are the reason I love my job. I also have ADD and NLD. Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  734. Batya S. I am the Mother of a beautiful child, whom happens to have Asperger's Syndrome. I donot agree with calling any child "mad". I resent this phrase.
  735. Sara J. Sims, mother of autistic daughter
  736. Natalie O'Sullivan, Birmingham, England
  737. Paula Singleton
  738. Darlene Carrington. I am the proud and loving grandmother of a 6 year old Autistic/Aspergers Syndrome boy. Whoever called out complex and wonderful children "Mad", is the "Mad" one.
  739. Joe Terry
  740. Francesca Manca, Italy, happy mother of a happy 10 years-old boy with autism.
  741. Claudia and Zane Petty, parents to Tiger Petty
  742. Clint Peters, 19, Australian, 'Aspie'
  743. Timothy Scriven, 17, Aspie
  744. Mrs. Bettina Taylor
  745. Jenny Bennett, mother of 17 year old son with ASD
  746. Barbara Jacobs. Writer. Proud to have many friends on the autistic spectrum whom I love very dearly and respect totally.
  747. Kevin Phillips, aged 29, diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in May 2000. I believe that society has a bigger problem with our condition than what we do ourselves.
  748. Marie Drummond, mother of AS daughter
  749. Cristina Simöes, mother of Larissa, AS
  750. Angie Maniaci, 24, autistic and boyfriend/future husband Dwight Eric Hicks, 20, also autistic and both are amazing together
  751. "Sceth" Chandresh A. Ramlagan, Autistic in The Republic of Trinidad And Tobago, 15 years
  752. Dana Melnick, mother of a 4 year old wonderful autistic son!!!!!
  753. Paige Lyden, friend of the Melnick family, who have an autistic 4 year old
  754. Leila Gajusingh, Brampton Ontario, Canada. Special Needs Worker.
  755. Liz Yates, stepmom to Dannon age 12, diagnosed Asperger at age 9!
  756. Hillary and James Demopoulos, parents of an 8 year old loving son with Autism
  757. Kat Smith and Calahan Smith
  758. Athena "Spydyee" Whittaker Blakely Wife of an "Aspie" and the PAMOAK (Proud Aspie Mom Of Autistic Kids) Sidney age 13 (Aspie), Joshua age 6 (Non-Verbal Autie), and Charity age 4 (Echolalic Autie)
  759. Debora Gehron
  760. 'Nemo', Autistic Merchant Marine Officer
  761. Brian Wilkerson, Aspie and loving it!
  762. Lisa McDonald, Mother of 10 year old son with Asperger's Syndrome
  763. Jessica Edmonson, mother of an 8 year old bipolar, PDD son
  764. Michael Gregory
  765. Kirsty Durman, mother of a wonderful 4 year old daughter who has autism
  766. Kristiane Rosas, aspie and the mother of an aspie; San Marcos, CA
  767. Stephen Miller, England, age 20, Diagnosed with AS at age 11
  768. Kristen Rapsher
  769. Janice T. Callaway, PharmD, PhD
  770. Michael J.Dochniak, father of two boys with ASD
  771. Miriam Brown, mother of autistic adult
  772. Melissa Molyneux, Autist, student of Biochemistry
  773. Kelly Styron
  774. Margaret Franklin, Asperger's Awareness Advocate
  775. Estee Klar-Wolfond, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  776. Sonya Perry, Proud Grandmother of 3-year old Logan who is Autistic
  777. Kimberly Tucker, mother of an HFA, and an Aspergers autistic, and human being
  778. Charles Parks father of a autistic child 11yrs old in Maryland
  779. Traci Boyd, mother of a 4 year old son with Autism, Anacortes, Washington
  780. Stanley Feldman, Toronto, Canada
  781. Derek Carlson, M.D., Erie, PA
  782. Mike Stanton, parent 20 year old autistic son. Member National Autistic Society (U.K.)
  783. Maria Parisi mother to 21 year old with autism, "the joy to my life"
  784. Gowri Kuthanur, mother to 5 year old with autism, 'the joy of my life"
  785. Christy Johnsin, speech language pathologist
  786. Mary, Lavinia, Megan, Colleen, and Jadzia Menham, Ireland
  787. Amy Richmond, mother of an autistic daughter, age 5, beautiful and bright!
  788. Catherine B. Ryan, Mother of 32 year old son diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at age seven. Albany, N.Y.
  789. Beverly Jones, Kerry Lynn Foundation, Toronto, Canada
  790. Melissa Rolfes, student, Central Virginia Community College
  791. Gloria Grandt, Mobile, Alabama
  792. Joy E. Weeber, Ph.D.
  793. Steven and Kristine, James and Timothy Caster
  794. Karlie and Steven Hartog, parents of a child with Aspergers/Autism and a very loving "Happy" child; Tulsa, Oklahoma
  795. William S. Richards, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Winterport, Maine
  796. Kelli Ann Ross, mother of a terrific three year old named Ian diagnosed with autism when he was two
  797. Jessica Miller, Long Island, New York
  798. Corey Gonsalves, Arc of Hilo, Hilo, Hawaii
  799. Debbie Santangelo, mother of a beautiful, funny three year old son, diagnosed January 2006
  800. Edward Manning, Aspie in Ipswich, Massachusetts
  801. Cynthia Manning, M.Ed., happily married spouse of wonderful Aspie; Autism Specialist with certificate from Antioch Graduate School in Autism Spectrum Disorders
  802. Laurie Pasick
  803. JB, cousin of Danielle, autistic
  804. Eileen Dillon, St. Louis, Missouri
  805. Freda Sombath, Redding, California
  806. Kaitlyn X. My autistic friend is the smartest person I know.
  807. Jagruti Patel and Paresh Patel, Edison, NJ
  808. Asem Demesinova, mother of Mansur
  809. Pam, mother of Winter, who has single-handedly taught me more about myself than all the other people on the planet, combined!
  810. Jo Anne Brown
  811. Tracy Stewart, Austin, Texas
  812. Nancy Donahoe, Davenport, Iowa
  813. Joanne D. Manees, Coral Gables, Florida
  814. Susie and Don Gaylord, parents of Alan who "loves his autism"
  815. John and Rebecca Lethig, grandparents of a 4 year old autistic grandson
  816. Christina Lethig, mother of a 4 year old autistic son
  817. Gaynor Assumption, proud mother of a constantly learning Noah, diagnosed Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  818. Lora De Meneghi, extremely proud mom of 9 year old HFA son, Isaiah, who is the sweetest, most delightful and hardest working little boy I know. I gave birth to a beautiful child who is unique and my life's joy. I resent the disorder being compared to a disease in animals.
  819. Eric and Melanei Lawrence, Bentonville, Arkansas
  820. Birgit W. Reggelsen, Valby, Denmark
  821. Taylor Steele, 13 year old Autistic
  822. William G. Hartwell. I am a 45 year old author who could not have written any of my stories without the special way of viewing the world I get by being an Aspie.
  823. Susan LaRusso, mother of PDD-NOS son
  824. Yvette King
  825. George Salamunec, HTR, COTA/L , Registered Horticultural Therapist, Licensed Occupational Therapy Assistant, U of A Master Gardener-Maricopa County; ASD
  826. Amy Humbert, M.S, CCC-SLP and proud mother of a 7-year-old autistic boy
  827. Dave Hilling II, Aspie father of an autistic daughter
  828. Amy Caraballo, mother to a 6 year old amazing child with Asperger Syndrome; wife to an unofficially, yet self diagnosed, Aspie
  829. Damien Evans, 18 year old Aspergian
  830. Kate O'Connor, ASD researcher and advocate, New Zealand
  831. Love Sanchez-Suarez
  832. Jasmin Barroso, mother of a 7 year old boy diagnosed with PDD-NOS, NY
  833. Kathryn Lloyd, mom of Ben, 13, Diagnosed with AS at age 7
  834. Machiel Zwart, Arnhem, Netherlands
  835. Adam J. Monti, Howell, New Jersey
  836. Arinka Linders, mom of 2 daughters and married. Proud 35 year old Autistic woman. Without AutisMe, I would Not be Me! Not Mad, but very angry.
  837. Judy Lantieri, mother of seven, Solid Roc Press
  838. Mark S. Swanson, Haddon Heights, NJ; proud Aspie and father of Drew, 14, also an Aspie.
  839. Ernest F. Wallace father and husband with Asperger's. This looks and sounds like the Nazis way to begin the final solution. We should not forget.
  840. Natalie Catania Nelson, mother of Max who is 6 and is autistic
  841. Robert Morency, 19 years old,Proud Aspergian
  842. David V. Matthews, Aliquippa, PA
  843. Ronald T. Curran, Ph.D., Jungian Psychoanalyst
  844. Audrey Rasmusson, mother to Abraham who is 11 and severely autistic, and Charlotte who is 9 with mild autism; Pittsburgh PA
  845. Anne Marie Daniels
  846. Jeremy Allerman
  847. Vivienne Gorman, mother of 12 year old daughter with mild autism
  848. Arphelia and Derbin Cabell, parents of autistic 3 year old twins
  849. Nikki Owens, proud 28-year-old Aspie mother and wife; Boise, ID
  850. Pamela Tyler, teacher, South Australia
  851. Carissa R. Collins proud mother of autistic son, Stephen J.M. Celestine
  852. Ruth Snyder RN, Illinois
  853. Charles Brandon Hall, Houston, Texas
  854. Barry Hitchcock
  855. Tara Patterson, mother of two boys with autism
  856. Richard Ball, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  857. Donna Cox, mother of six (three disabled)
  858. J. Brian Harris, Ph.D., P.E., Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
  859. Yvette Correa, proud mother of 7-year old daughter with autism, Houston, Texas
  860. Joleen Willey, proud mother of a 9yr old with autism
  861. Wanda Edwards, grandmother to a wonderful, intelligent, autistic child
  862. Melba Elaine Adami
  863. Chris Thrasher
  864. Penduin Buddery
  865. Kelly Hunt, mother of 14 year old son Aspergers HFA. Belleview , Fl
  866. Shannon Adams, Flint MI, mother of Patrick Adams, age 7, HFA
  867. Diana Dugina Riebling
  868. J. Terry Riebling
  869. Marcia Gustowski, proud mother of sweet, loving 4 year old son who happens to be autistic.
  870. William and Stephanie McBride--Parents of four, one girl, then 3 boys all with Autism--and William has Asperger's
  871. Kimberly B. Chervinski
  872. Betsy Martin, EMT-P, Jackson, Mississippi.
  873. J Kennedy, close friend of wonderfully warm and uplifting autistic boy; Melbourne, Australia
  874. Casey Sevene, proud mother of autistic son JOSHUA!
  875. Anthony LeMaster. Tired of the “parental scare” and commercialization/research being conducted in the disinterest of individuals with ASD.
  876. Jennifer L. Bollero, Esq., school attorney and the mother of an autistic daughter
  877. Wayne and Carla, proud parents of Ellis, age six with autism
  878. Karin Moten. I am proud of my Autistic adult son Malcolm (21) who is a 2005 high school graduate of Robert E. Shoemaker
  879. Carine Ida Berdovic
  880. Gail Gray, Glasgow, Scotland, Mother of 11 year old boy with Asperger's Syndrome
  881. Katelyn Davis, college student with Asperger's Syndrome
  882. Michael Anderson, Vancouver, Canada
  883. Kathryn Aldrich, Bolton, CT
  884. Kaitlyn Moten
  885. Furball

This petition is now closed to new signatures. Many thanks to all who have expressed their commitment to respect children and adults on the autistic spectrum, and to refrain from the use of degrading language and images to describe them.
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