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I do what I can -- but I am human and become frustrated. I am patient but not always gentle. Sometimes I become exasperated and critical - even though I understand the root of the problem and genuinely want to be helpful.
Sue Snyder
The syndrome of NVLD includes a number of specific symptoms: neuropsychological deficits, academic deficits, and social-emotional/adaptational deficits.
David Goldstein
Cooperative learning exercises aid in the NLD students' academic learning process, foster social skills, provide an opportunity for these students to display their strengths, and provide a means for them to make friends.
Pamela Tanguay
Just as some geographic regions may have an abundance of lakes and vegetation, while others may be dry and barren, so too with children with NLD, some may have severe deficits in some areas and be unimpaired in others.
J. Palombo
The Diagnostic Analysis of Nonverbal Accuracy 2 (DANVA 2) is a formal assessment instrument which use the four most commonly encountered emotions -- anger, fear, happiness, and sadness -- to measure the abilities to receive and send nonverbal information.
Advice to parents often does not take into account how higher levels of intelligence and depth of emotionality affect the whole child. The general lack of professional education regarding issues of giftedness can lead to wrong advice or even misdiagnosis.
Betty Maxwell
Many of the learning and social problems experienced by children and adults with spina bifida are part of the nonverbal learning disability syndrome and are neurologically based.
Linda Burnett
Findings are discussed in terms of the need to take note of the heterogeneity of the learning disabled population and the particular vulnerability to social imperception of children with nonverbal deficits.
Lilly Dimitrovsky, Hedva Spector, Rachel Levy-Shiff, Eli Vakil
Supporting parents is crucial. NLD is a syndrome for which many uninformed professionals blame and judge parents as too protective of the child.
Liza Little
All too often, the educational team wants to hold the student responsible for his neurological condition. They erroneously respond to his unwitting behaviors as though they were deliberate.
Sue Thompson
Subtest scatter in a student's WISC results is far more important than the averaged scores, and WISC results should never replace a full neuropsychological evaluation and resulting diagnosis.
Pamela Tanguay
Assets of persons with NLD include early speech and vocabulary development, remarkable rote memory skills, attention to detail, early reading skills development, excellent spelling skills, verbal ability, and strong auditory retention.
Rondalyn Whitney
The first place to go for information on Nonverbal Learning disabilities
General information site.
The social world does not have to be a confusing and frustrating place. We need to help them to see patterns and to see that there is some sense to be made of all of this.
Stephen Rothenberg
Employees with NLD often have trouble with: visualization, seeing the big picture, thinking on their feet, information presented in graph/chart/table form, directionality with adaptation to change, reading nonverbal signals and cues, and practical math.
Kelli Bond
The visual perceptual and motor difficulties that are typical of a nonverbal learning disability are felt to result in a distortion of many aspects of basic experience.
Tom Humphries
I learned to work in ways that were counter-intuitive to how I learn. The more I ignored my own learning preferences, the more clinically effective I became.
Jacqueline Earle-Cruickshanks
NVLD is associated w/weak visual-spatial and visual discrimination abilities, poorly developed organizational skills, difficulty making inferences and reasoning abstractly, significant problems with mathematical reasoning, and limited social competence.
Caryl Frankenberger
Although we do not yet have conclusive empirical evidence to substantiate clinical accounts of language and communication problems, it appears that these children have substantial difficulties with semantics and pragmatics of language.
Joanne Volden
The NLD syndrome reveals itself in impaired abilities to organize the visual-spatial field, adapt to new or novel situations, and/or accurately read nonverbal signals and cues. It appears to be the reverse syndrome of dyslexia.
Sue Thompson
65% of our human communication system rests on the foundation of nonverbal communication codes. We must accept that all people are not given an opportunity to be quite as successful in the art of communicating without words.
Mary Jacobs, Gonca Sanal, Anita Jackson, Howard Lewis
The term Nonverbal Learning Disorders (or NLD) refers to a neurological syndrome believed to result from damage to the white matter connections in the right-hemisphere of the brain, which are important for intermodal integration.
Sue Thompson
Some children have trouble remembering a new face, and researchers in Canada may have an uncommon explanation for that. They studied 14 children with a rare condition called nonverbal learning disability. The condition affects less than 1% of the public, and most affected kids generally do well on tests, except for those that involve recognizing and working with shapes. The condition appears to last a lifetime, but there are ways of teaching people to help them improve their visual spatial processing, states the news release. Problems with these processes include difficulties such as drawing -- copying as well as drawing to verbal command -- and assembling two and three dimensional objects.
Miranda Hitti
When I was reading about NLD on the Internet today, I found several web sites that discuss children w/NLD, but very little about NLD's impact on adults.
The need for a diagnostic nosology and improved and validated intervention techniques is stressed as is early identification of these types of specific nonverbal learning disabilities.
Margaret Semrud-Clikeman
Children with NVLD are vulnerable. They are very trusting. It would never occur to these children to lie. They don't anticipate consequences, which you really have to in order to lie. This makes them targets of all sorts of people.
Bethany Stancliff
Hypothesis 1: Socioemotional Disturbance Causes Learning Disabilities; Hypothesis 2: Learning Disabilities Cause Socioemotional Disturbance
Byron Rourke
These questions are those that are particularly germane to the formulation and explication of the NLD syndrome and model.
Byron Rourke
Children with NLD tend to suffer in the emotional realm because these children are not proficient at interpreting interpersonal interactions -- they lack insight into the feelings and perceptions of others that the rest of us glean intuitively.
Sue Thompson
Lack of flexibility is a result of failure to incorporate information of a nonverbal nature into their understanding, including tactile, kinesthetic, visual-spatial, affective, experiential information
Jean Foss
NLD students have so often been told, “You ought to know that by now!” that they are very hesitant to seek help. It will help to tell the student that you will not shame her for asking “stupid” questions.
Kathy Allen
Neuropsychological deficits include difficulties with tactile and visual perception, psychomotor coordination, tactile and visual attention, nonverbal memory, reasoning, executive functions, and specific aspects of speech and language.
Michael Roman
NLD students need a safe environment, frontloading, Rubrics, Checklists, and Models, Small Group Discussion, and Large-Type Print.
Linda Childress
Talk to your spouse! Avoid teasing. Listen to what your partner says when he tells you what he needs. Keep a sense of humor. Reassure him *with words* that you know how he feels.
Charlotte Riggle
A esos niños, a menudo se los etiqueta como con problemas de conducta o emocionalmente perturbados, debido a su conducta, frecuentemente inapropiada o inesperada, pero se sabe que el origen de los NLD es neurológico, y no emocional y/o deliberado.
Sue Thompson
The significant divergence of neuropsychological profiles suggests that intervention strategies for AS (from HFA) should be of a different nature, directly addressing specific neuropsychological deficits and building on neuropsychological assets.
Ami Klin, Fred Volkmar, Sara Sparrow, Domenic Cicchetti, Byron Rourke
Nonverbal learning disabilities often go undiagnosed because reading ability tends to be regarded as the chief indicator of academic well-being by most public school systems.
Patti Brace
Nonverbal Learning Disorder Syndrome is not a widely recognized diagnosis and school personnel may be genuinely unsure about how best to serve your child.
Michael Bechely

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