Unmasking the Face is an exercise in the identification of human emotions based upon the pioneering work of Dr. Paul Ekman in the field of nonverbal communication. Each face expresses an emotion. Each time you begin the game, a face will be displayed at random. Your challenge is to correctly select the emotion expressed by that face.

Use the PLAY link at the bottom of the screen to navigate within the game; do not use the BACK button. If you return to a face by using the BACK button, then try to select an emotion, nothing will happen!

If you want to review a specific face, locate it via the FACES link at the bottom of the screen.

For tips on facial expressions and their relationships to emotional states, see the EMOTIONS page.

In order to play this game, your browser must be configured to use JavaScript and to accept cookies. If you would like to reset your score, you can do so from the link below, which will return you immediately to the front page. From there you may begin playing again.

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Photographs and text ©1984 Paul Ekman
Game ©2000 Kathleen Seidel