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This is a collection of articles, primarily newspaper articles, relevant to abnormal psychology. They are highly variable in quality, but nearly all come from top news sources and journals. As of this writing, more than 2,000 articles are stored here.
There are now over 25 books and about 200 articles and chapters on-line. The site also contains links to over 200 relevant works posted at other sites.
Christopher D. Green, York University
In the first three years, most children develop new skills in a predictable order ­ they crawl before they walk and they point before they use words to tell you what they want.
I have endeavoured to demonstrate that the perspective of evolutionary developmental psychopathology can help us to understand the development, malleability, and impairment of psychological mechanisms across the lifespan.
Ian Pitchford
ZERO TO THREE and the American Academy of Pediatrics developed these handouts based on the report to coincide with well-baby check-ups.
Zero to Three
Models of pathological information processing which build on models of non-pathological functioning are increasingly valued by both clinical and experimental psychological researchers.
The holistic "bio-psycho-social" approach will need to become the mainstay of management in both settings. Investigation of the impact of early identification and treatment of developmental disorders needs to occur in order to identify whether it can enhance developmental progression and/or protect children through high risk periods.
Gillian Baird et al
Kraepelin's classification of the major endogenous psychoses forms the cornerstone of modern psychiatric nosology and is an important part of that edifice--scientific psychiatry-- which Kraepelin continued to build until his death 27 years later.
The process of scholarly peer review should become sensitive to the features that make comparisons invidious, so as to incorporate them into the criteria used to evaluate research.
Elizabeth R. Cole, Abigail Stewart
Promotes educationally and psychologically healthy environments for all children and youth by implementing research-based, effective programs that prevent problems, enhance independence, and promote optimal learning.
Paper presented at the Second Annual International Seminar on Behavior Modification, Mexico City, January 1972
James G. Holland
Publishes articles on the application of psychology, including the scientific underpinnings of the profession of psychology. Articles that present assessment, treatment, and practice implications are encouraged.
This is the Internet companion to a popular college psychology textbook, containing basic additional information about many topics in the book.
Terry F. Pettijohn
An understanding of the complicated nature of school problems, the methods used to assess, diagnose and treat them, and the resources available to support the child and family are essential to successful management.
Debra Phillips, Shirley Longlett, Christopher Mulrine, Jerry Kruse, Rhonda Kewney
Research learning disabilities, ADHD, functional behavioral assessment, autism, adolescence, parenting, psychological assessment, special education, mental retardation, mental health, and more.
We discuss interpretations of faulty communication and development at different stages of the life cycle that result from maternal postnatal depression, autism, premature birth, and schizophrenia.
Kenneth Aitken, Colwyn Trevarthen
A Ph.D. program within the Area of Cognition and Development in the Graduate School of Education. The program has prepared students for employment in public schools, universities, mental health clinics, and a variety of work settings.
Some defense mechanisms allow for self-protection while maintaining a full awareness of the thoughts and feelings involved in dealing with the challenge facing you.
Personality disorder research and clinical practice has come to focus particularly on psychotherapy and related themes. Biological, behavioural and, to some extent, social models have received less attention. In a recent review of neuropsychiatric perspectives on personality disorder, Fogel & Ratey point out that of all psychiatric diagnoses, disorders of personality are most likely to be seen as 'functional'.
Andrew Flynn et al
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Robert Hsiung
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter, like all personality tests, is only a preliminary and rough indicator of personality. Please do not accept any personality test results without checking them out by watching people in action.
ZERO TO THREE's mission is to promote the healthy development of our nation's infants and toddlers by supporting and strengthening families, communities, and those who work on their behalf.

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