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In this article we introduce a neuropsychiatric developmental approach in order to provide a new perspective on the psychiatric nature of the Unabomber and to attempt to shed some light on the nature of his criminal behavior.
J. Arturo Silva et al
He used the arguments of logical positivism to assuage his sense of guilt. It's not as if most people who have been diagnosed with Asperger's commit murder.
Alston Chase, The Atlantic
Kaczynski is neither the extreme loner he has been made out to be nor in any clinical sense mentally ill. He is an intellectual and a convicted murderer, and to understand the connections between these two facts we must revisit his time at Harvard.
Alston Chase, The Atlantic
A criminal complaint filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Seattle offers a glimpse at Robert M. Alberg's struggle with autism. It quotes e-mails he allegedly sent his sister and others revealing his efforts to produce biotoxins, including ricin.
Noel Brady
I shall consider whether children and adults with pervasive developmental disorder can sometimes be rightly described as being malicious; how can this be recognised; and some ideas about management.
Digby Tantam
Asperger's Disorder is often misdiagnosed as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), though evident as early as age 3 (while pathological narcissism cannot be safely diagnosed prior to early adolescence).
Sam Vaknin
Antisocial people often socialize well in a pathological way. They have no empathy for the pain of others and sometimes inflict pain on others to alleviate their own emotional pain. (Autistics) aren't antisocial, they are asocial.
Autists, unlike psychopaths, do adhere to rules, distinguish between merely convential and moral rules, experience feelings of guilt and have a strong sense of justice... they seem to be moral agents in a kantian sense of the term...
Anne Ruth Mackor
This is not to imply that insufficient mothering is the cause of human autism, (though in some cases that may be true), but rather that insufficient mothering can damage the limbic system and produce autistic behaviors.
Rhawn Joseph

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