The Song of Autism

I bring you joy, delight, happiness and wonder
I bring you sorrow, sadness and pain
I am the dawn of each new day, promiseful of hope
I am sunshine, I am shadow
I am a sonata in a minor key
I am a concerto in a major key.

I entrance you, intrigue you, bewilder you
I charm you, exasperate you, amaze you
I am what in your ignorance you fear
I comfort you, console you, enlighten you
Some days all you desire I am
Some days my leaving you long for.

I am strong, I am vulnerable, I am confident, I am doubting
I am solitude — peaceful and silent, in self-value secure
I am community — solidarity, unity, strength, love
I am countless stories in creativity forged — imagination opening, knowledge expanding,
     truth revealing
I am a rainbow reflected tree dappled in a forest lake
I am a mischevious spirit singing and dancing and playing with unrestrained glee.

In myriad forms I come, each one unique
I am a strange mysterious land, never to be fully explored.
With love I invite you
Accept me at least
But if you welcome me, if you befriend me
Your lives I will enrich.

September 2004

Reproduced by permission of the author
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